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 Sahara / Сахара

Режиссер: Breck Eisner

Продюсер: Clive Cussler (novel), Thomas Dean Donnelly (screenplay)

Страна: USA

Жанр: Action

Год выпуска: 2005

Актеры: Jude Akuwidike (as Imam (as Jude Akuwudike)), Mark Aspinall (as Lawyer), Rakie Ayola (as Mrs. Nwokolo), Christopher Bello (as Train Driver), Nicholas Beveney (as Gunboat 1 Officer), Empotoe Bosage (as Pick Up Truck Guard), Robert Cavanah (as Captain Tombs), Penйlope Cruz (as Eva Rojas), Dayna Cussler (as Kitty Mannock (scenes deleted)), Clint Dyer (as Oshodi), Matthew Flynn (as 1st Lieutenant, Ironclad), Paulin Fodouop (as Modibo (as Paulin F. Fodouop)), Ouahbou Houcine (as Tuareg Village Boy 1), Emmanuel Ighodaro (as Kazim's Officer Asselar), Lennie James (as General Zateb Kazim), Maurice Lee (as Zakara), Delroy Lindo (as Carl), Daniel Lobй (as Tuareg Sangare), William H. Macy (as Admiral Jim Sandecker), Francis Magee (as Fuse Cutter), Patrick Malahide (as Ambassador Polidori), Thierno Amath Mbaye (as Pick Up Truck Driver), Matthew McConaughey (as Dirk Pitt), Femi Ogumbanjo (as Modibo's Tuareg 2), Eddie Osei (as Train Guard), Nathan Osgood (as Gun Captain), Lahcen Ouezgane (as Tuareg Village Boy 2), Robert Paterson (as NUMA Crew Member), Abdul Salis (as Oumar), Tosin Sanyalo (as Azikiwe Nwokolo), Christopher Saul (as Pilot, Ironclad), Billy Seymour (as Powder Monkey), Mark Springer (as Solar Plant Guard), Glynn Turman (as Dr. Frank Hopper), Celestine Vita (as Old Woman in Labbezanga), Mark Wells (as Sailor Who Drops Gold), Lambert Wilson (as Yves Massarde), Rainn Wilson (as Rudi Gunn), Steve Zahn (as Al Giordino)

Египет, 1996-й. Искатель сокровищ Дирк Питт против воли оказывается в эпицентре загадочных событий, куда втянуты ряд международных организаций, миллиардеры и африканские тираны. Спасая от смерти представительницу ООН Еву Рохас, Питт с напарником Элом попадают в еще большие неприятности и однажды оказываются один на один с пустыней Сахара…

a.k.a. Confederate Treasure. Indy, eh, sorry Dirk is a brave adventurer who travels around looking for a Confederate battleship in the middle of the Sahara. It gets worse. There is a woman. She sorta just shows up only to be rescued by kung fu grip Dirk who along with his retard of a partner is capable of taking on dozens of AK-47 armed men with the clever deception of wearing Bedouin outfits. The armed men of course don't notice the fact that the men's face and arms happen to be white. Of course they might just be a couple of typical Bedouin albinos, but then again they could be the only two white guys in that country. There is also something brewing in the Sahara that could destroy the world. Obviously somebody has to save the day, and the marines aren't in town because they are all deployed in Bagdad. Garbage. So many logical flaws as to make the movie barely watchable with anything approaching adult level IQ.

There are also the evil corporate CEO, the loyal former naval admiral, the noble savage, and several geeks to round out the cast. Now, Penelope Cruz is very cute, but if nobody had noticed she is tiny. I might have believed Selma Hayek in that role, but Ms. Cruz is just not believable as a kick-ass danger-seeking doctor. She was probably a poor choice. All the acting was boring and uninspired and the only redeeming point of this movie is Steve Zahn... That tells you a lot about this movie.

Время: 118 мин
Дисков: 2 шт
Video format: DivX 5
Audio format: AC3/AC3
Разрешение: 640x320
Размер: 700+700 Mb
Перевод: Дубляж,English
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/sahara.jpg

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