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 Ocean's Twelve / Ocean's 12 / 12 друзей Оушена

Режиссер: Steven Soderbergh

Продюсер: George Clayton Johnson (characters) &, Jack Golden Russell (characters)

Страна: USA

Жанр: Comedy

Год выпуска: 2004

Актеры: Brad Pitt (as Rusty Ryan), Catherine Zeta-Jones (as Isabel Lahiri), George Clooney (as Danny Ocean), Ed Kross (as Bank Officer), Julia Roberts (as Tess Ocean), Don Tiffany (as House Painter), Anne Jacques (as Shop Owner), David Sontag (as Plainclothes Goon #1), Larry Sontag (as Plainclothes Goon #2), Andy Garcia (as Terry Benedict), Casey Affleck (as Virgil Malloy), Dina Connolly (as Virgil's Fiancйe), Scott Caan (as Turk Malloy), Nelson Peltz (as Partygoer), Mini Anden (as Supermodel)

Они вернулись. И прихватили с собой еще кое-кого. Теперь их стало двенадцать.
"Идеальное развлечение. Большая, шикарная вечеринка с ассорти из звезд первой величины", - Майкл Уилмингтон, "Chicago Tribune".
Вор-виртуоз Дэнни Оушен и его бравая команда возвращаются, чтобы провернуть ограбление, которое тянет на 160 миллионов долларов. Правда от души "пошиковать" на 160 миллионов вряд ли удастся: есть одна неувязочка. Кто-то "настучал" на ребят Терри Бенедикту, которого кампания элегантно обчистила в Вегасе, и теперь Терри требует свои бабки назад. Если деньги не поступят "в срок", Бенедикт твердо гарантирует всем друзьям Оушена - "увлекательную экскурсию" на кладбище. Время не ждет: нужно срочно проворачивать новую грандиозную аферу или... аферы.
Действие сиквела разворачивается в Амстердаме, Париже и Риме; за режиссерским рулем снова Стивен Содерберг, а к умопомрачительному актерскому ансамблю присоединилась несравненная Кэтрин Зита-Джоунс. Можете нам поверить: Двенадцать - это ваш выигрышный номер!

It's inevitable, isn't it? After the success of the remake of Ocean's Eleven, out comes the sequel three years later. I liked the style of the teaser trailer (and was probably one of the only ones who didn't mind the name), so naturally, I was looking forward to the movie. Naturally, it's a sequel, so it's inferior to the original (which I liked more than the original of the original). The entire cast is back (plus one more, obviously) for the necessary foreign-country locations and trendy scene transitions. There's the constant music, the people with the general European accents (well, villains), and every other caper movie clichй in the books.

Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his eleven/twelve compadres are forced to pay back the money that they stole from Terry Benedict's (Andy Garcia) casinos three years earlier. To get the money, they have to steal it in Europe.

Where the first movie was fun, this sequel was mildly entertaining. It went on a little long, but was never boring. It's watchable (as all crime movies like these should be), but not really entertaining. I wasn't having fun while watching a lot of Ocean's Twelve. I wasn't bored, either. I was in Limbo of the movie world. All of the Vegas glitz added to the first, and here it's drab European backgrounds. Steven Soderbergh's directing also makes the film harder to enjoy. The film's choppy-we don't see events that happened until after the fact (if that makes any sense), and there are so many subplots and characters with similar sounding names that eventually we stop caring. Whenever a movie makes me do that, I usually focus more in on the fun aspects of the movie. And sure, the movie had its fun moments, and never left me bored, but overall, it just lacked that ultra-cool style that the first one had.

Then again, every actor's back in cool form. Catherine Zeta-Jones is the newbie here, and although her character is barely defined, she still manages to be cool. George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt (being on screen probably more than anyone else), Matt Damon-they're all cool. But it's obvious that this isn't the best sequel that could have been made for Ocean's Eleven-the movie was originally written for a completely different movie, and then readapted to a sequel. Because of that, there aren't really any reminders on who these people were. I remembered Clooney, Roberts, Garcia, and a few character names and quirks (such as Pitt's obsessive eating), but, really, who were these people? Did Soderbergh think that we would all rush out to see the first one before seeing this? I'll bet as many people did that as the number who went to see the Russian Solyaris after Soderbergh made Solaris.

The caper this time around isn't as interesting (the major one doesn't come in until halfway through), nor as easy to follow. In fact, the whole movie's basically a convoluted mess. The subplot about Isabel's father, things like that...if there's a definition of worthless, that's it. Also, that "Julia Roberts" bit went on for too long. We got the joke there. At that moment, I think that the movie thought it was funny enough to abandon basically the entire plot and go with a ten minute schtick, when there was basically no other humor in the movie. Still, Ocean's Twelve isn't terrible, and can offer a good time if you're the right person.

My rating: 6/10 Rated PG-13 for language.

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