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 Viking Sagas, The / Icelandic Sagas, The /

: Michael Chapman

: Michael Chapman (story), Dale Herd (screenplay)


: Action

: 1995

: Ralf Moeller (as Kjartan), Ingibjrg Stefnsdttir (as Gudrun), Sven-Ole Thorsen (as Gunnar), rir Waagfjr (as Bolli), Hinrik lafsson (as Ketil (as Hinrik lafson)), rni rnason (as Warrior), orsteinn Bachman (as Drunken Viking), Jn Baldvinsson (as Thord the Strong), Rnar Bjrnsson (as Warrior), Axel Cortes (as Warrior), Gunnar Eyjlfsson (as Eirik the White), Bjrn Floberg (as Sighvat), Gaukur Gunnarsson (as Warrior), Rrik Haraldsson (as Magnus), Raimund Harmstorf (as Valgard), Dagbjartur L. Herbertsson (as Warrior), lafur Jkull Herbertsson (as Warrior), Margrt Helga Jhannsdttir (as Sighvat's Mother), Jhnna Jnas (as Kristin), Magns Jnsson (as Eirik), Thedr Jlusson (as Onund), David Kristjnsson (as Ketil's Lieutenant), Margrt lafsdttir (as Hilldegard), Egill lafsson (as Hrut), Magns lafsson (as Bjorn), Brynds Ptursdttir (as Helga), Bjrn Ragnarsson (as Warrior), Valgerdur Rnarsdttir (as Loyal Servant), Baldur Sigurdarson (as Warrior), Atli Sigurdsson (as Warrior), Hans Martin Stier (as Mord), Gnther Ziegler (as Viking on the Roof), Gudmundur mar rinsson (as Ulf)

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I disagree with the people who consider this movie "worthless." It is the only historically approximate depictions of life in medieval Iceland (or, "viking age" life at all!) that I have ever seen. While their actions may seem "silly" to most viewers, the characters in this movie act appropriately to the ethics and customs of the time. In a nutshell, the movie is realistic, well-acted, and has gorgeous Icelandic landscapes. The film even uses mostly Icelandic and Norwegian actors who *look* like the characters would have. A viewer used to trashy Hollywood-churned movies may not appreciate this film.

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