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 Clean / Без наркотиков

Режиссер: Olivier Assayas

Продюсер: Olivier Assayas , Malachy Martin

Страна: Canada

Жанр: Drama

Год выпуска: 2004

Актеры: Maggie Cheung (as Emily Wang), Mary Moulds (as Woman), Nick Nolte (as Albrecht Hauser), Bйatrice Dalle (as Elena), Jeanne Balibar (as Irene Paolini), Don McKellar (as Vernon), Martha Henry (as Rosemary Hauser), James Johnston (as Lee Hauser), James Dennis (as Jay), Rйmi Martin (as Jean-Pierre), Laetitia Spigarelli (as Sandrine), David Salsedo (as Jeff), David Roback (as Himself), Shaun Austin-Olsen (as Patron label indйpendant), Man Kit Cheung (as Patron restaurant), Arnaud Churin (as DRH Grand Magasin), Jodi Crawford (as Gloria), Elizabeth Densmore (as Herself (as Liz Densmore)), Emily Haines (as Herself), Kurtys Kidd (as Detective), Ross McKie (as Officer), Shannon Novak (as Employйe label indйpendant), Joana Preiss (as Aline), John Stoneham Jr. (as Policier 2), Tricky (as Himself)

Clean в контексте фильма все-таки не "чистый", а производная от "drug-clean", то есть человек, либо уже освободившейся от наркотической зависимости, либо никогда в жизни их не употреблявший...

A has-been rock star and his controlling partner, who imagines herself a singer of note(Maggie Cheung, in a finger-in-the-light-socket fright wig, turns in a performance perhaps inspired by Yoko Ono), are junkies, habituйs of grungy night-spots, who pass their time in a drug-addled haze. The man overdoses and dies; the woman gets a prison sentence and almost certainly will lose custody of her son, who is left in the care of her in-laws. After doing time, she moves to Paris and in the face of numerous temptations, come-downs, and obstacles (drugs, former lovers of both genders, poverty, waitressing in Chinese greasy spoons, selling ready-to-wear women's clothing in synthetic fibers!), attempts to go clean and responsible. This is a bizarre vehicle for the elegant Cheung, who was married to director Assayas until last year, and clearly is the muse behind this film and the quirky and engaging "Irma Vep" from 1996. Did she wish to show she can spit out expletives in three languages and that she has a passable singing voice? Has she tired of being presented as a porcelain period beauty? Does she wish to add grunge credibility to her oeuvre? We'll never know, but I prefer her work in Wong Kar-Wai's enigmatic and unforgettable "In the Mood for Love", and even in the recent Zhang Yimou epic "Hero". Nick Nolte displays grizzled charm and kindness in the role of the put-upon father-in-law who, despite losing his son to drugs, refuses to write off his druggie daughter-in-law. The talented Don McKellar confessed he took a small role in this film just so he could share the screen with the iconic Cheung.

Время: 104 мин
Дисков: 2 шт
Video format: DivX 5
Audio format: AC3/AC3
Разрешение: 624x256
Размер: 627+661 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский,English
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/clean.jpg

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