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 Monty Python's Flying Circus / Летающий цирк Монти Питона

Страна: UK

Жанр: Comedy

Год выпуска: 1969

Актеры: Graham Chapman (as Various Roles (1969-1974)), John Cleese (as Announcer/Various Roles (1969-1973)), Terry Gilliam (as Various Roles (1969-1974)), Eric Idle (as Various Roles (1969-1974)), Terry Jones (as Nude Organist/Various Roles (1969-1974)), Michael Palin (as 'It's' Man/Various Roles (1969-1974)), Carol Cleveland (as Various Roles (1969-1974))

Cерия телевизионных скетчей знаменитой сатирической телевизионной шоу-группы 'Монти Пайтон' (или, как ее у нас чаще называют, - 'Монти Питон'), из которой впоследствии в 'большое кино' вошли сразу несколько ныне известных актеров и режиссеров.

1. Whither Canada?
2. Sex and Violence
3. How to recognize different types of tree from quite a long way away
4. Owl-stretching time
5. Man's crisis of identity in the latter half of the twentieth century
6. The BBC Entry to the Zinc Stoat of Budapest
7. You're no fun any more
8. Full frontal nudity
9. The Ant, An Introduction
10. Untitled -- begins with 'Walk-on part of sketch'
11. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Goes To The Bathroom
12. The Naked Ant
13. Intermission

14. Dinsdale
15. The Spanish Inquisition

With hindsight, it seems possible that we can praise the Pythons too much. But you have to look at what they did in the context of its time.

They blew a massive hole in the conventions of not only television comedy, but television itself. They used (and abused) the medium to what was then the limit of its potential: no thirty-second "blackout" skits, no contrived punchlines (except in the name of self-mocking irony), performers falling out of character and addressing the audience, skits being intruded by characters from a previous sketch, or even an entirely different episode (so you had to pay attention!), stream-of-consciousness animated links, absurd props (the 16 ton weight)... and they claim they merely threw it all together when the BBC approached them to make a "satirical sketch show" in the vein of "The Frost Report" or "TW3".

Not only that, but they have influenced probably every comedy writer and performer of note ever since.

The Pythons are either authentic, top-drawer geniuses, or the six luckiest opportunists who ever lived - probably a bit of both! They caught the BBC with its knickers down and took advantage.

OK, so the shows look their age, and much of the material is rambling, patchy, hit-and-miss stuff. But we only remember the good bits, and it is those good bits which will ensure the place in television history of Messrs Chapman, Cleese, Gilliam, Idle, Palin and Jones for many years to come.

Lavishing praise on a thirty-two-year-old television series? It all seems a bit silly to me...

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