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 Jubilee / Юбилей (1977)

Режиссер: Derek Jarman

Продюсер: Derek Jarman

Страна: UK

Жанр: Drama

Год выпуска: 1977

Актеры: Jenny Runacre (as Queen Elizabeth I and Bod), Nell Campbell (as Crabs (as Little Nell)), Toyah Willcox (as Mad), Jordan (as Amyl Nitrite), Hermine Demoriane (as Chaos), Ian Charleson (as Angel), Karl Johnson (as Sphinx), Linda Spurrier (as Viv), Neil Kennedy (as Max), Jack Birkett (as Borgia Ginz (as Orlando)), Wayne County (as Lounge Lizard), Richard O'Brien (as John Dee), David Brandon (as Ariel (as David Haughton)), Helen Wellington-Lloyd (as Lady in Waiting), Adam Ant (as Kid)

Фильм посвящен к 25-ой годовщине коронации Елизаветы II.
Sex, drugs and punk rock. Add violence and time travel and you have Jubilee.

I have seen this film many times on my tired old VHS tape, and now I have it on DVD and watched it last night, and found that it still holds some bizarre fascination for me. Queen Elizabeth the 1st is taken by the Angel Ariel to behold the future of England, circa 1977, and hoo-boy, is she in for a disappointment. Seems that things have gone downhill a bit. We have this weird band of punkers, led by the much-older Bod (Jenny Runacre) but there's also the historian Amyl Nitrate, the crazed firebug Mad (Toyah Wilcox), the nymphomaniac Crabs (Little Nell, of Rocky Horror fame), and two brothers who have what is termed "an interesting relationship". Bleah, well not very on that count, but whatever. We're treated to blasts of punkers of the day, like Siouxie and the Banshees doing Love in a Void, and Chelsea doing Right to Work, and Wayne County & The Electric Chairs doing Paranoia Paradise. Best of all though is an actual (?) performance by the original Adam & The Ants (though they aren't called that, even though you can see "The Ants" on one piece of equipment). The version of Plastic Surgery is probably one of the highlights of the film. Music-wise, that is. As the great producer Borgia Ginz says, "As long as the music is loud enough, we won't hear the world falling apart". And falling apart it is. We have anarchy in the streets and pretty much anyone is fair game. At one point we have a bunch of street girls (played by The Slits) trashing a car while in the background a bunch of other girls dance a sort of Maypole with barbed wire around a victim tied to a telephone pole, while a policeman looks on smiling at their antics. This is almost plot less, and the basic idea seems to be survival of the most degenerate while this band of punkers do what they want to do for kicks. I'm sure I'm not doing this all justice in my description, but this is one that has to be seen to be appreciated, and no, I'm not on the take from Criterion and for a DVD this is pretty damned expensive, so I'm sure there's folks that are not willing to take a chance if they've never seen this film, but if you like the punk rock era of old and enjoy strange and bizarre films, then please take the time to see this.

Время: 104 мин
Дисков: 1 шт
Video format: DivX 3.11 Low Motion
Audio format: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 640x480
Размер: 627 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод 1 голос
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/jubilee.jpg

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