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 Fantozzi alla riscossa / Fantozzi colpisce ancora (Italy) (alternative title) / Фантоцци 7. Фантоцци берет реванш

Режиссер: Neri Parenti

Продюсер: Alessandro Bencivenni , Leonardo Benvenuti

Страна: Italy

Жанр: Comedy

Год выпуска: 1990

Актеры: Paolo Villaggio (as Ugo Fantozzi), Milena Vukotic (as Pina Fantozzi), Gigi Reder (as Filini), Plinio Fernando (as Mariangela Fantozzi/Uga), Anna Mazzamauro (as Signorina Silvani), Luigi Petrucci (as Psicanalista della mutua), Paul Muller (as Uomo triste), Silvia Annichiarico (as Giudice Pettoruta), Piero Villaggio (as Hooligan (as Pierfrancesco Villaggio)), Antonio Allocca, Stefano Antonucci (as Cancelliere), Loris Bazzocchi, Angelo Bernabucci (as Impresario di Cinecittа), Salvatore Billa, Renato Cecchetto (as Giudice popolare), Giuliano Ghiselli, Sergio Gibello, Simonetta Giurunda, Riccardo Parisio Perrotti, Pino Pellegrino, Graziella Polesinanti, Paolo Roversi, Piero Vivaldi, Sonia Viviani

Фантоцци берет реванш - Одна из самых пародийных комедий в цикле о Фантоцци. Бухгалтер решает, что пришла пора отомстить всему свету за постоянные унижения. Пусть никто его в грош не ставит - зато дочка Фантоцци станет кинозвездой. И он берет свою наследницу на киностудию, где девочке предстоит пройти кинопробы

Let's get right to the point: this movie is bad. Okay, the story it's not really important in a Fantozzi movie, so the fact that there isn't one is no big deal. But this movie not only doesn't have a story, it also doesn't have an underlying idea, and this is bad. The previous Fantozzi movies really tried to make a statement, even if for most viewers they were only silly comedies... they are a criticism of capitalism and of modern society in general. In both their form and their statements they are almost a 20th century version of Rabelais' "Gargantua and Pantagruel" stories. They are comedies, but there is always a serious tone at the base of the gags, and each gag criticizes an aspect of our society. The sixth movie of the series ("Fantozzi Va In Pensione") is a clear example of this: the movie handles with Fantozzi's life after his retirement, with him slowly realizing that he has become an 'old man', a socially unimportant and undesired person. This movie really says something to us and in the end it makes us feel sorry for the poor guy.

"Fantozzi Alla Riscossa", on the other side, is only a collection of old, recycled gags, stripped of all the serious tones I was talking about. What remains is a bunch of silly gags that won't make you laugh at all, because you have seen them before in much better Fantozzi movies, and although they 'look' the same, they feel very different, empty. Paolo Villaggio should have known when to stop, "Fantozzi Va In Pensione" was the perfect ending to what is probably the most successful and loved Italian movie series of all time. All the movies after that one are only poor, commercial imitations of the originals.

Время: 82 мин
Дисков: 1 шт
Video format: DivX 5
Audio format: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 512x384
Размер: 698 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод 1 голос
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