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 Sabrina (1995) / Сабрина (1995)

Режиссер: Sydney Pollack

Продюсер: Samuel A. Taylor (play), Billy Wilder (earlier screenplay)

Страна: Germany

Жанр: Comedy

Год выпуска: 1995

Актеры: Harrison Ford (as Linus Larrabee), Julia Ormond (as Sabrina Fairchild), Greg Kinnear (as David Larrabee), Nancy Marchand (as Maude Larrabee), John Wood (as Tom Fairchild), Richard Crenna (as Patrick Tyson), Angie Dickinson (as Mrs. Ingrid Tyson), Lauren Holly (as Elizabeth Tyson, MD), Dana Ivey (as Mack), Miriam Colon (as Rosa), Elizabeth Franz (as Joanna), Fanny Ardant (as Irиne), Valйrie Lemercier (as Martine), Patrick Bruel (as Louis), Becky Ann Baker (as Linda)

Римейк фильма 1954 года по сценарию Билли Уайлдера, Сэмюэла Тэйлора и Эрнеста Лемана по пьесе Сэмюэла Тэйлора. В семье Лэраби предстоит важное событие – свадьба младшего брата. Приданое невесты позволит братьям стать монополистами на рынке коммуникаций. Но все эти планы рушатся, когда из Парижа возвращается красавица Сабрина – дочь шофера семьи, ставшая супермоделью.Захватывающая мелодрама.

Tempting though it may be to compare this film to the 1954 version, you will miss the point if you do. To understand the true magic of Sydney Pollack's masterpiece, read the Samuel A. Taylor play. While I'm sure it was a great evening out between martinis in the 1950s, it's incredible that both film versions so profoundly translated this romantic comedy, each in its own time.

In 1954, Billy Wilder used an incredible cast to entertain. No, Bogart should never have been cast. Cary Grant would have created the dynamic relationship we fortunately got to see later in Charade, but if Bogart had not been cast would the film hold its classic status? Audrey Hepburn transfixed an audience and brought to the world La Vie en Rose. William Holden is period eye candy, and the film will always be fun.

Pollack, however, made an important film. Taylor's play, after all, is just a fairly tale, and this film fully realizes it. Ormond is enchanting. Kinnear ripens the always empty David. Carmen Chaplin (Charlie's granddaughter) brings a french cinema quality to the film's Paris episodes. Marchand's "I didn't teach you this" culminates what may be one of the best written scenes in American film. You can watch this scene over and over and each time gain a better understand of how great acting can define a relationship, this one between mother and son, for an audience.

But this film should have been called Linus. Harrison Ford's tour de force performance as the greater Larrabee fulfills Pollack's mission to tell a simple story of how a king is transformed by the love of a woman.

"It was a lie, then it was a dream."

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