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 Landru / Bluebeard / /

: Claude Chabrol

: Franoise Sagan

: Italy

: Biography

: 1963

: Michle Morgan (as Clestine Buisson), Danielle Darrieux (as Berthe Heon), Hildegard Knef (as Mme X./Madame Ixe (as Hildegarde Neff)), Juliette Mayniel (as Anna, Marie, Angle Colomb), Stphane Audran (as Fernande Segret), Catherine Rouvel (as Andre Babelet), Franoise Lugagne (as Catherine Landru), Mary Marquet (as Madame Guillin), Denise Provence (as Madame Laporte), Serge Bento (as Maurice Landru), Claude Mansard (as Matre de Moro Gafferi, Landru's defence attorney), Robert Burnier (as Le prsident/Presiding judge), Mario David (as Le procureur/Prosecutor), Jean-Louis Maury (as Comissaire Belin), Diane Lepvrier (as Suzanne Landru, Landru's Daughter)

France, WWI. Landru, the father of four Children, contacts Parisian women through newspapers, seduces and eventually kills them in order to feed his little family.

Faithful - but uninspired - account of the notorious Landru case, which swept over post WWWI France.

The film follows the facts closely, from Henri Dsir Landru's "family life", seductions and murders to his trial and execution. Well if your objective was to get the main details of a famous serial murder case you will be satisfied. However a film lover could have expected something more fiery, more intense, more unsettling from Claude Chabrol than just that.

To tell the truth there is more to this movie than...just that. Indeed there are good production values, fine colours, slightly stylized settings and a stellar cast. Nevertheless, I couldn't help stifling a yawn now and then.

Why so? Maybe because such great ladies as Danielle Darrieux, Michle Morgan, Mary Marquet, or Hildegard Knef are given almost nothing to do.Only Stphane Audran stands out in the part of Landru's nave young mistress, Fernande.

Charles Denner, on the other hand, oddly directed by Chabrol, is a physical lookalike of the "sieur de Gambais" but fails to deliver both charm and terror.

It looks as though Claude Chabrol ,who is so at ease with what I would call "domestic" monsters ( Jean Yanne in "Le Boucher" and "Que la Bte meure", Michel Bouquet in "La Femme infidle" and several others )was petrified by his cold-hearted, cynical monster, with absolutely no redeeming features. He did not manage to bring life to his character.

Landru, too monstrous a monster , even for Chabrol ?

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