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 Sasek a kralovna / The Jester and the Queen /

: Vera Chytilov

: Bolek Polvka (play), Bolek Polvka (screenplay)

: 1987

: Chantal Poullain-Polvkov (as Regina/Queen/Kaizrov), Jir Kodet (as Knig/King/Kaizr), Vlastimil Brodsk (as Vclav), Nina Brtu (as Courtier), Nelly Gaierov (as Courtier), Vladimr Leraus (as Courtier), Miroslav Maruska (as Berka/Executioner), Gustav Nezval (as Courtier), Jir Pecha (as Forester), Bolek Polvka (as Slach/jester), Marta Richterov (as Innkeeper), Marie Rosulkov (as Courtier), Raoul Schrnil (as Courtier), Jirina Steimarov (as Courtier), Lumr Tucek (as Neighbour), Lenka Vychodilov (as Marenka)

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Originally a theater play starring Bolek Polivka (Czech) and his wife Chantal Poullain-Polivkova (French), the movie is a satirical look at foreign occupation - a medieval Czech jester entertains a German king and his French wife, or a modern Czech villager helps a Bavarian hunter and his French wife find wild boar in Bohemia - the story switches back and forth between the two plots and time-periods. Listen as the jester corrects the queen's Czech, proclaiming "Neum e-e-e-sky": she can't speak Czech. Polvka uses traditional pantomime techniques as part of the jester's repertoire.

: 111
: 2
Video format: DivX 5
Audio format: AC3
: 704x528
: 670+640 Mb
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: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/sasek a kralovna the jester and the queen.jpg

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