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 M*A*S*H / MASH [TV-Series] / Чертова служба в госпитале МЭШ

Режиссер: Hy Averback, Gabrielle Beaumont, (more)

Продюсер: Larry Gelbart (developed for television by) and, Larry Balmagia (writer) (8 episodes 1978-1982)

Страна: USA

Жанр: Comedy

Год выпуска: 1972

Актеры: Alan Alda (as Capt. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce), Wayne Rogers (as Army Capt. "Trapper John" McIntyre (1972-1975)), McLean Stevenson (as Lt. Col. Henry Blake (1972-1975)), Gary Burghoff (as Cpl. Walter "Radar" O'Reilly (1972-1979)), Larry Linville (as Maj. Frank Burns (1972-1977)), Loretta Swit (as Maj. Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan), Mike Farrell (as Capt. B.J. Hunnicut (1975-1983)), Harry Morgan (as Col. Sherman T. Potter (1975-1983)), Jamie Farr (as Cpl./Sgt. Maxwell "Max" Q. Klinger), David Ogden Stiers (as Maj. Charles Emerson Winchester III (1977-1983)), William Christopher (as Lt./Capt. Father Francis J. Mulcahy)

МЭШ — это американский сериал производства компании «ХХ Век Фокс». Он снимался с 1970 по 1977год. В Америке этот
фильм назывался «Чертова служба в госпитале МЭШ», а в России просто «МЭШ». Этот сериал имел колоссальный успех, и
неудивительно; его рецепт очень прост: возьмите немного юмора, потом залейте его другим юмором, добавьте по вкусу
несколько щепоток 100%-ого юмора и поставьте на маленький огонь, а на десерт немного человечности и чего-нибудь
трогательного. Долгая история создания сериала берет свое начало с книги, написанной доктором Ричардом Хорбергером,
который рассказал о своей работе в полевом госпитале во время войны в Корее. Книга быстро стала известной.
Воспоминания военного доктора вдохновили известного голливудского режиссера Роберта Олтмэна на создание художественного
фильма по мотивам книги. Кстати, право на экранизацию стоило, ни много, ни мало — $100 000. Фильм Роберта Олтмэна
с участием «звезды» мирового кино Дональда Сазерленда на волне антивьетнамских настроений мгновенно оказывается в
центре зрительского внимания. В 1970 году сценарий ленты «M*A*S*H» удостоен премии «Оскар». Сама картина была
номинирована на премию американской киноакадемии как «Лучший фильм года».

MASH - #001 (1x01) - The Pilot
MASH - #002 (1x02) - To Market, To Market
MASH - #003 (1x03) - Requiem For A Lightweight
MASH - #004 (1x04) - Chief Surgeon Who
MASH - #005 (1x05) - The Moose
MASH - #007 (1x07) - Bananas, Crackers And Nuts
MASH - #008 (1x08) - Cowboy
MASH - #014 (1x14) - Love Story
MASH - #021 (1x21) - Sticky Wicket

MASH - #025 (2x01) - Divided We Stand
MASH - #030 (2x06) - Kim
MASH - #031 (2x07) - L I P
MASH - #035 (2x11) - Carry On, Hawkeye
MASH - #037 (2x13) - Deal Me Out
MASH - #045 (2x21) - Crisis

MASH - #049 (3x01) - The General Flipped at Dawn
MASH - #052 (3x04) - Iron Guts Kelly
MASH - #053 (3x05) - O R
MASH - #055 (3x07) - Check-Up
MASH - #058 (3x10) - There is Nothing Like a Nurse
MASH - #062 (3x14) - Private Charles Lamb
MASH - #063 (3x15) - Bombed
MASH - #066 (3x18) - House Arrest
MASH - #069 (3x21) - Big Mac
MASH - #072 (3x24) - Abyssinia, Henry

MASH - #073 (4x01) - Welcome To Korea
MASH - #093 (4x21) - Smilin_ Jack

MASH - #097 (5x01) - Bug Out
MASH - #099 (5x03) - Out of Sight, Out of Mind
MASH - #100 (5x04) - Lt Radar O_Reilly
MASH - #101 (5x05) - The Nurses
MASH - #104 (5x08) - Mulcahy_s War
MASH - #105 (5x09) - The Korean Surgeon
MASH - #106 (5x10) - Hawkeye Get Your Gun
MASH - #106 (5x10) - Hawkeye Get Your Gun
MASH - #107 (5x11) - The Colonel_s Horse
MASH - #108 (5x12) - Exorcism
MASH - #109 (5x13) - Hawk_s Nightmare
MASH - #110 (5x14) - The Most Unforgettable Characters

I've found many of the comments about this series to be quite amusing, particularly the ones bashing it for "shoving" a liberal agenda down viewers throats. Given it's success for 11 years, I don't think the audience seemed to agree with that assessment. Quite simply, the show was one of the best written, best acted, and most entertaining shows in television history. Yes, it wore out its welcome in the end; but, it is a masterpiece that later shows rarely measured up to.

I have no great preference for one season's cast over another. Each character was unique and had something to contribute. When we lost the bumbling, but loveable Henry Blake, we got the stern but loving Sherman Potter. Both were the C.O., but each was a different person, a smart move by the creators. The same is true for Frank Burns and Charles Emerson Winchester III. Burns was a neurotic, vindictive, childish fool; while Winchester was an arrogant blowhard, but one who could hold his own with Hawkeye. Burns was incompetent, while Winchester was an outstanding surgeon; just ask him. Characters were missed when they left; but, they were not replaced with doppelgangers. That is part of the reason this show lasted so long.

The show did take on a more serious tone in the later seasons, but not entirely. There are plenty of laughs right up to the end. Those serious shows were often some of the most memorable, and they kept the series from becoming stale. With that said, they did tend to resort to Hawkeye's mental problems a bit too much, especially in the farewell. You can argue that a character like Hawkeye, with his passion for preserving life, was ripe for mental breakdowns; but, in reality, he probably would have been shipped home by the second breakdown.

The show is not perfect (it lasted 8 years longer than the actual war) but it comes far closer than most. It seems to be fashionable to bash popular shows and movies after their days is over. Part of this is a new generation trying to establish their own identity and dominance. Well, I didn't like my parent's movies, shows and music when I was younger; until I actually watched them and listened to them. Some of it turned out to be quite good, some not. Real quality stands the test of time. MASH will be around far longer than most of what I see on tv today.

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