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 Ice Age: The Meltdown / Ice Age 2 / Ледниковый период 2: Глобальное потепление

Режиссер: Carlos Saldanha

Продюсер: Gerry Swallow and, Peter Gaulke (screenplay)

Страна: USA

Жанр: Animation

Год выпуска: 2006

Актеры: Ray Romano (as Manny (voice)), John Leguizamo (as Sid (voice)), Denis Leary (as Diego (voice)), Seann William Scott (as Crash (voice)), Josh Peck (as Eddie (voice)), Queen Latifah (as Ellie (voice)), Will Arnett (as Lone Gunslinger Vulture (voice)), Jay Leno (as Fast Tony (voice)), Chris Wedge (as Scrat (voice)), Peter Ackerman (as Dung Beetle Dad (voice)), Caitlin Rose Anderson (as Glypto Boy Billy/Beaver Girl (voice)), Connor Anderson (as Rhino Boy/Beaver Boy (voice)), Joseph Bologna (as Mr. Start (voice)), Jack Crocicchia (as Elk Boy (voice)), Peter DeSиve (as Condor Chick (voice))

Ледниковый период закончился, и таящий снег грозит уничтожить долину, где живут Диего, Мэнни и Сид. Ну а значит, им придется объединиться и предупредить всех остальных жителей об опасности.

Scrat brought in the most laughter in theaters for his extremely positive attitude in getting an acorn. It is difficult to create a memorable comic relief character with no lines and Ice Age has done an excellent job. After laughing at Scrat's funny unsuccessful attempts to get his acorn, we should learn from him that life is full of obstacles and should not give up easily.

There are also a lot of tongue-in-cheek one liners by the main characters. Some subtle, some blatantly obvious. I guess some of us were smiling away when one of the possums was doing the Robert Deniro's gesture made famous in 'Meet the Fockers' movie.

If there is a scene to be removed, my opinion is the vultures' musical piece. I think it does not fit into the movie and is irrelevant.

Movie trivia: The voice of Scrat was Ice Age (2002) director, Chris Wedge.

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Перевод: Дубляж
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