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 Bedazzled / Ослепленный желанием

Режиссер: Harold Ramis

Страна: USA

Жанр: Fantasy

Год выпуска: 2000

Актеры: Brendan Fraser (as Elliot Richards/Jefe/Mary), Elizabeth Hurley (as The Devil), Frances O'Connor (II) (as Alison Gardner/Nicole Delarusso), Miriam Shor (as Carol/Penthouse Hostess), Orlando Jones (as Daniel/Dan/Danny, Esteban, Beach Jock, Lamar Garrett, Dr. Ngegitigegitibaba), Paul Adelstein (as Bob/Roberto/Beach Jock/Bob Bob (Sportscaster )), Toby Huss (as Jerry/Alejandro/Beach Jock/Jerry Turner (Sportscaster 2)/Lance), Gabriel Casseus (as Elliot's Cellmate/Angel), Brian Doyle-Murray (as Priest), Jeff Doucette (as Desk Sergeant), Aaron Lustig (as Synedyne Supervisor), Rudolf Martin (as Raoul), Julian Firth (as John Wilkes Booth), Iain Rogerson (as Play Actor), Biddy Hodson (as Play Actor)

Римейк по одноименной картине 1967 года по сценарию Питера Кука и сюжету Питера Кука и Дадли Мура. На этот раз жертвой Дъявола в образе красивой женщины становится персонаж Брендана Фрэйзера, Эллиотт, влюбленный в Эллисон Гарднер, с которой он вместе четыре года работает в одном компании. Как водится, все герои Брендана немного туповаты, но очень обаятельны, но в этой комедии ему и с этим не повезло - народ от него просто шарахается. Так Эллиотт поверил, что красотка - Дъявол, только увидев ее в истинном дъявольском обличьи. Узнав, что по одному из его семи желаний Эллисон может влюбиться в него, он сразу отбрасывает в сторону объемистый контракт и соглашается продать свою душу. Он просит, чтобы Эллисон вышла за него замуж, а сам он был богатым и влиятельным. Утром Эллиотт просыпается наркобароном в Колумбии, а жена его развлекается с неким Раулем, подготовившим свержение своего шефа. Эллиот забыл попросить о том, чтобы Эллисон его любила... И это только начало его злоключений. Как он выберется из множества комичных ситуаций и что будет с бессмертной душой Эллиотта, Вы узнаете сами. Комедия осовременена и посмотреть ее очень даже можно. (Иванов М.)

In the inaptly named `Bedazzled' - a virtually laughless remake of a 1967 Peter Cook/Dudley Moore comedy - the old Faust legend takes one of its severest beatings ever. I've seen the original film only once before - at a revival theatre in the mid 70's - and remember finding it to be a fresh, original and occasionally laugh-out-loud hilarious British comedy. Unfortunately, none of those adjectives can be applied to this newest version, which strands Brandan Fraser and the stunning Elizabeth Hurley in 90-minutes worth of repetitious humorless nonsense.

Strike one against this film is that it is basically a one-joke concept stretched out to be a full length feature film - sort of like a 90-minute version of a mediocre `Bewitched' episode. Hopelessly nerdy Elliot (Fraser) - who is such an overbearing geek that his coworkers are forced to run and hide when he comes in their vicinity - makes an idle wish one day to be with the beautiful young woman he loves and yearns for from afar. Enter Hurley as the devil who takes Elliot in hand, promising him that he will be granted seven wishes on the understanding that his soul will be required as final payment. What Elliot doesn't understand is that making a bargain with the `Father of Lies' - even if in the guise of a beautiful woman - virtually guarantees that each wish will, in some way, fall far short of securing him total happiness.

Since the 1967 original managed to make a genuinely funny comedy out of the very same material, we must assume that the failure of this version lies not in the premise but in the execution. So where did this particular group of filmmakers go wrong? Part of the problem may lie in the fact that Brandan Fraser, though a likable enough actor on the surface, is hardly a gifted subtle comedian on the level of Dudley Moore. Elizabeth Hurley, easily one of the most stunningly gorgeous actresses working in films today, looks sensational in the part of the temptress and she does convey a certain sly sexiness that might have worked if the jokes had simply been funnier. Here too is part of the problem - the weakness of the script. The scrapes Elliot inadvertently wishes himself into are simply not very imaginative or humorous. One of the funniest sequences I have ever seen in a film actually occurs in the original `Bedazzled,' when Moore finds himself stranded in a convent filled with nuns bouncing on trampolines. This film could have used a few bouncing nuns I think. Instead, Elliot's adventures come across as hopelessly mundane in their nature and, even worse, the caricatures he is called upon to act out in many of the scenes border nearly on the grotesque. Perhaps, Jim Carey might have been able to pull this part off.

You know you're in trouble when, as a viewer, you begin to count off how many wishes the main character has already used up. If it weren't for the eye-candy provided by Ms. Hurley, `Bedazzled' would truly be hell on Earth. As it is, it seems more like purgatory. Now if only we could figure out which sins we are being forced to atone for. If I knew, I promise I would stop committing them immediately

Время: 90 мин
Дисков: 1 шт
Video format: DivX 3.11 Low Motion
Audio format: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)/MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 640x480
Размер: 696 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод 1 голос,English
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/bedazzledxxengx.jpg

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