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 Fear of Flying / Турбулентность 2

Режиссер: David Mackay (I)

Страна: USA

Жанр: Action

Год выпуска: 2000

Актеры: Craig Sheffer (as Martin Messerman), Jennifer Beals (as Jessica), Tom Berenger (as Robert Sikes), Jeffrey Nordling (as Elliott Stephenson), Jay Brazeau (as Harold), Daryl Shuttleworth (as Captain Lloyd Reynolds), Paul Jarrett (as Vaclav), Andrew Kavadas (as Russell Bell), Chilton Crane (as Hazel), Peter Kelamis (as Mazzo), Tim Henry (I) (as FBI Lieutenant Dickson), Hiro Kanagawa (as Controller), Jill Teed (as Kit), Tamara Phillips (as FAA FlightCon Director Kerry Hobbs), Jody Thompson (I) (as Stacey)

Пассажирами авиалайнера среди прочих становятся члены группы, которой специалисты помогают избавиться от боязни высоты и страха перед полетами. На борту находятся несколько террористов, сумевших отправить багажом смертоносное отравляющее вещество, способное уничтожить все живое в радиусе пяти миль. Нет нужды объяснять, что может произойти, если оно будет взрывом распылено в воздухе. Кроме всех этих проблем, - плохие погодные условия и неполадки в самолете.

Зрителя ждет много неожиданностей и хорошо продуманных поворотов сюжета. Именно этим фильм выгодно отличается от множества подобных лент, предсказуем он только тем, что все кончается хэппи-эндом, хотя и не для всех персонажей. Рекомендую. (Иванов М.)

TURBULENCE 2: FEAR OF FLYING / (2000) *1/2 (out of four)

By Blake French:

"Turbulence 2: Fear of Flying" is an unusually stupid movie-but what can we expect from a straight-to-video action picture with few known actors and even fewer similarities with the original 1997 thriller "Turbulence." It's a shallow, incompetent movie with no brains and no thrills. The production contains many characters and a legion of plot twists, but they are meaningless to the actual story. None of those twists or characters contributes to the interest factor, and we are stuck watching utter insanity for almost two hours. This is not a smooth ride.

The story centers on a group of ordinary pedestrians who recently completed a therapy program to overcome their fear of flying. They celebrate by taking a flight to L.A. Unfortunately a clan of terrorists hijack the plane. They carry with them a load of extremely dangerous chemical weapons. After killing the pilot, they threaten to kill the rest of the passengers if given any trouble. One of the passengers isn't going to go down without a fight, however, and he's ready to save the day.

I watched "Turbulence 2: Fear of Flying" with great interest in how a movie so centered on an airplane could have no clue about the technical aspects of airplanes. Would any airline employee fire a gun inside a flying jet? Would it be possible for a young boy to run outside on the tarmac at a major airport with being stopped by someone? Is it possible to stand feet away from an open door on a jet going so fast? Can someone control the flaps from within the cargo hold? Are there really elevators aboard a 747? Can a handgun fire twenty-two rounds without reloading? This movie answers yes to all of those questions. I am no expert, but I beg to differ.

Most of the characters are one-dimensional and thoughtless plot puppets who do nothing but utter howlingly bad dialogue. Although many of the characters have a great fear of flying, their fear somehow disappears once the terrorists take over the flight. Some of the twists are kind of fun and surprising, but many exist only to provide a split second shock. The action lacks aim. The direction lacks impulse. The movie lacks a point, and just about everything else.

The actors in "Turbulence 2: Fear of Flying" don't really know what to do with their stereotypical characters because there isn't much for them to do. We can sense an inclination of talent involved with this production since the performances are fair and the set designs believable. But the script's stupidity is too distracting for any informed moviegoer to redeem satisfaction from this cluttered mess of an action picture. This is just another addition into the stupid hijack movie of the month series-but this one is more ridiculous than most

Время: 104 мин
Дисков: 1 шт
Video format: DivX 3.11 Low Motion
Audio format: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 496x368
Размер: 652 Mb
Перевод: Перевод
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/turbulencex2.jpg

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