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 Odyssey, The / Одиссей

Режиссер: Andrei Konchalovsky

Страна: USA

Жанр: Adventure

Год выпуска: 1997

Актеры: Armand Assante (as Odysseus), Greta Scacchi (as Penelope), Isabella Rossellini (as Athena), Bernadette Peters (as Circe), Eric Roberts (as Eurymachus), Irene Papas (as Anticlea), Jeroen Krabbй (as King Alcinous), Geraldine Chaplin (as Eurycleia), Christopher Lee (as Tiresias), Vanessa L. Williams (as Calypso), Nicholas Clay (I) (as Menelaus), Adoni Anastassopoulos (as Perimides), Paloma Baeza (as Melanthe), Ron Cook (I) (as Eurybates), Reid Asato (as Cyclops)

Телесериал по эпической поэме Гомера с бюджетом в 30 млн, долларов, запущенный в производство в сентябре 1996 года в Турции, вышел, как и следовало ожидать, на видеокассете. Вряд ли найдется цивилизованный человек, который хотя бы не слышал имен Одиссей и Пенелопа. Здесь их образы создали выдающиеся актеры Арманд Ассанте и Грета Скакки. Кончаловский поставил в центр своей работы взаимоотношения между героями, психологическую драматичность, а не внешнюю сторону мифологических приключений, хотя в недостатке увлекательности фильм не упрекнешь. Он одинаково хорош и для семейного просмотра, и для серьезного, взыскательного любителя кино. Спецэффекты сделаны гораздо качественнее, чем можно было бы ожидать от бюджета. (Иванов М.)

This movie seems to draw a lot of unwarranted criticism. In the DVD's 'making of' featurette, Andrei Konchalovsky states over and over again that they made this movie for pure entertainment, rather than trying to literally translate the story. There are certainly a number of scenes in the Odyssey that I wish had made the final cut, but not including them shouldn't detract from the movie itself. I think people should also remember that the Odyssey was itself a work in progress at the time it was penned, so it seems silly to worry about historical inaccuracies that might be in the film. See Oh Brother for an example of how not to adapt a story (it was a fine movie, it just had nothing to do with Homer).

How does the film technically hold up? For starters, it was filmed on location in Turkey and Morocco. In some scenes it was necessary to fly cast and crew in by helicopter. Anyone who has been to the Mediterranean will recognize that it's been filmed there, not in America, and that adds a lot of verisimilitude to the film. The special effects... maybe they weren't all up to ILM standards, but they were serviceable and sometimes very well done. The blue-screen effects with the Cyclops was better than expected, although you never quite believe he's in the same scene as the other actors. Some of the Jim Henson Creature Shop monsters looked a little, well, Jim Hensony - Posiedon's serpent, for one, betrayed its puppety origins rather blatantly. On the other hand, a lot of time and money went into reasonably accurate period props' the Trojan Horse looked like it was built out of ship timbers, for example. Hades was the most technically impressive scene. It was fairly obvious that the fire and smoke was real and not CGI. Plus Christopher Lee was the blind Tiresias, so that's cool.

Armand Assante makes a good Odysseus. No over-acting here (unlike the rest of the cast, which was not uniformly excellent). He has a similar charismatic charm as Jean Reno, who is another actor I wish took more leading studio roles. By the end of the movie, his character's barely able to summon up more than four words at a time. It's kinda cool to see that sort of suffering on his face. That's both good directing and good acting.

So, anyway, it's a good movie with a decidedly non-American bent to it

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Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский
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