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 Pearl Harbor / Перл Харбор

Режиссер: Michael Bay

Страна: USA

Жанр: War

Год выпуска: 2001

Актеры: Ben Affleck (as Rafe McCawley), Josh Hartnett (as Danny Walker), Kate Beckinsale (as Evelyn Johnson), William Lee Scott (as Billy), Greg Zola (as Anthony R. Fusco), Ewen Bremner (as Red), Alec Baldwin (as Doolittle), James King (IV) (as Betty), Catherine Kellner (as Barbara), Jennifer Garner (as Sandra), Jon Voight (as President Roosevelt), Cuba Gooding Jr. (as Doris 'Dorie' Miller), Michael Shannon (V) (as Gooz), Matthew Davis (II) (as Joe (as Matt Davis)), Mako (I) (as Admiral Yamamoto)

Фильм начинается с видеоклипа, о достоинствах которого я судить не буду. Теннесси, 1923 год. Мальчишки смотрят, как самолет опыляет поля. Без разрешения они сами поднимают в воздух самолет. Они друзья и станут летчиками-истребителями. Эта масштабная драма построена по принципу фильма-катастрофы. Сначала показывают мирную жизнь, любовь двух друзей-летчиков к одной девушке, опасения среди военных о возможностях удара, потом происходит сам варварский налет японской авиации, показанный на уровне лучших современных фильмов о войне. Герои фильма ведут себя героически, а персонаж Эффлека даже сумел взлететь с обстреливаемого аэродрома и вступить в бой. Это и бомбежки, пожалуй, самые эффектные сцены картины, а потом зритель видит тех, кто уцелел. Весь настрой этой военной ленты сделан в ура-патриотическом духе, только партсобраний не хватает, но зрелище действительно внушительное. Любители батальных фильмов вряд ли его пропустят. (Иванов М.)

This movie has been trashed since its release, but is a true epic. The performances by Affleck, Hartnett, and Kate(who looks like an angel) are all strong and convincing, and the special effects are so realistic that it will make your stomach churn. It is rare that a film affects me that way this one does. One minute I was laughing, the next filled with anger, then in awe of the action, and I even cried. Those who have trashed this movie are the people who go in expecting non-stop action for the entire 3 hours, and those who have labelled it another mindless blockbuster, without giving it a chance. Don't get me wrong there is PLENTY of action involved, but it is more than just the action that makes the movie. What makes the movie in my opinion, is the love triangle, and the strength of Raef and Danny's relationship and the situations that life throws at them.(This is coming from a guy, so it is not the chick flick that many label it as.) I have seen this movie twice already, once with my brother and the other with my girlfriend, and we all loved it. As I said this is a movie for both guys and the girls. While the script isn't anything Oscar worthy, it definitely draws you and keeps your interest, and builds up to a beautiful yet horrific climax, after all, this isn't just a movie about the bombing like many people go in expecting. I was not one of those people so I went in with an open mind and just hoped there was plenty of action throughout the movie(Which there was) Beckinsale was absolutely georgeous, and perfect for the role of Evelyn the nurse.(After watching her performance, I was glad Charlize Therone did not take the role) I have always been a fan of Affleck and once again he did not disappoint, but the strongest performance was by Josh Hartnett who I have been following closely from his early days in The Faculty, and H20. He really steals the screen every time he is on.(even when sharing it with Affleck)

Critics may have blasted this movie, but in my opinion they went in with the frame of mind that they were already going to blast it, so don't take what most of them say about this movie too seriously, and give it a chance, it is definitely the best movie of the summer so far, and has all the makings of an epic. SO GO AHEAD AND SEE WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT, YOU WON'T REGRET IT. I know I will enjoy this movie time and time again.

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