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 Proof of Life / Доказательство жизни

Режиссер: Taylor Hackford

Страна: USA

Жанр: Action

Год выпуска: 2000

Актеры: Meg Ryan (as Alice Bowman), Russell Crowe (as Terry Thorne), David Morse (as Peter Bowman), Pamela Reed (as Janis Goodman), David Caruso (as Dino), Anthony Heald (as Ted Fellner), Stanley Anderson (as Jerry), Gottfried John (as Eric Kessler), Alun Armstrong (as Wyatt), Michael Kitchen (as Ian Havery), Margo Martindale (as Ivy), Mario Ernesto Sбnchez (as Arturo Fernandez), Pietro Sibille (as Juaco), Vicky Hernбndez (I) (as Maria), Norma Martнnez (as Norma)

Элис Боумэн много поездила по миру, но никакой опыт не мог подготовить ее к этому. Партизаны в джунглях разрываемой войной Латинской Америки похитили ее мужа, цель - выкуп. Запрошенная цена: 3 миллиона долларов.
Мег Райан в роли Элис и Расселл Кроу в роли Терри Торна, агента - специалиста по спасению заложников. Он станет единственной надеждой Элис в жестокой игре террористов "деньги-за-жизнь" в этом захватывающем фильме, по мнению журнала Time, входящем в десятку лучших фильмов года. Режиссер Тэйлор Хэкфорд постепенно сжимает петлю напряжения фильма: Терри и Элис борются против похитителей и пытаются спасти мужа Элис (Дэвид Морс), но сталкиваются с новым препятствием - их неудержимо тянет друг к другу. Напряженный, психологичный и захватывающий, Доказательство жизни - осязаемое доказательство того, что романтический триллер все еще жив

Rating: 9.5 out of 10; What the rating means in my system: "A must see for everyone with a serious interest in film. Casual film fans will almost certainly like it as well."

By the time it was all over, I really wanted to give this film a 10. Director Taylor Hackford's film about the kidnapping `business,' Proof of Life, starring Russell Crowe, Meg Ryan and David Morse, has everything from sustained, edge-of-your-seat tension and suspense to tear-inducing complexities. It comes so close to a 10, and will certainly be an enjoyable cinematic experience for anyone but the most hyper-critical nitpickers that I hated to have to lop off half a point, but I just couldn't bring myself to grant a 10 in good conscience to something that is flawed, even if the flaw is slight in the grand scheme of things.

Crowe plays Terry Thorne, an expert at negotiating with kidnappers. We first meet him as he recounts a story of taking back a hostage in Chechnya. Thorne actually works for a company whose business is retrieving hostages for insurance companies. Hackford and scripter (and producer) Tony Gilroy wisely show more than tell here, and the Chechnya scene (actually filmed in Poland) is one of the more exciting in the film.

After we leave Chechnya, we meet Alice (Ryan) and Peter Bowman (Morse). Peter works for a huge oil company, and has to travel, and move Alice, around the world. Alice is more of a liberal activist and Gilroy shows us tension between the Bowmans since Peter's employer isn't known for liberal activism. When we meet them, the Bowmans are in the fictional city of Tecala in South America (actually filmed in Ecuador' much of it in Quito). As you can probably guess, one of the Bowmans winds up being a hostage, and their lives become intertwined with Thorne's, at least for a short while.

The plot is actually much more complicated than that, and here we enter the slight flaw. No, the flaw isn't the complexity itself--Proof of Life needs to be relatively complex for its premise to work and provide emotional impact. The slight flaw is that such a complex plot needs meticulous attention to relay without confusion, and in the final result, the attention wasn't meticulous enough. Somewhere between the oil company that Bowman worked for, the company that was taking them over, and various subplots related to this and to the political situation in Tecala, I became slightly lost.

On the other hand, it doesn't matter if you become slightly lost. The film doesn't suffer much for it, since the focus isn't the complexities of the businesses, Tecala's politics or even Thorne's employer, but edge-of-your-seat, guerilla-style action, penetrating, prolonged hostage scenarios, gripping scenes of Thorne negotiating tense situations, and the pithy and complicated relationship between Thorne and the Bowman's.

The performances are all Oscar-worthy. It is perhaps Ryan's best work yet and Morse demonstrates why we need to give him more attention. Of course, Crowe is always excellent' he has, in short order, earned a position on my list of actors for whom I'll see a film just because they're in it.

Hackford shows that he can handle slower-moving dramatic scenes with as much aplomb as frantic, nail-biting action. That should be no surprise from the director of films such as The Devil's Advocate and Dolores Claiborne. Hackford also has a great eye for location shots, and inserts just the right breathtaking cinematography at just the right time--it's never over or under-done' never seems like a travelogue to justify the expense of helicopter shots and always provides an appropriate sense of setting. Not that a travelogue wouldn't have been nice--the beautiful shots of Quito beneath the closing credits were as thrilling as the rest of the film.

Proof of Life was inspired by both a book, The Long March to Freedom, by Thomas Hargrove, and a magazine article, `Adventures in the Ransom Trade,' by William Prochnau. Based on this fact, I'm tempted to guess that much of the hostage negotiation material is close to reality. But whether it is or not shouldn't matter, really. Everything _seems_ real when you're watching this film--from negotiations to shady goings on to the guerilla action, and that's what really counts. There's something to appeal to fans of almost every genre in Proof of Life. Don't miss this film--just don't worry if you don't catch enough of the plot details to write a book about it yourself

Время: 132 мин
Дисков: 2 шт
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Размер: 687+685 Mb
Перевод: Перевод,English отдельно
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