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 Throw Momma from the Train / Сбрось маму с поезда

Режиссер: Danny DeVito

Страна: USA

Жанр: Comedy

Год выпуска: 1987

Актеры: Danny DeVito (as Owen/Ned 'Little Ned' Lift), Billy Crystal (as Larry Donner), Kim Greist (as Beth), Anne Ramsey (as Mrs. Lift (Momma)), Kate Mulgrew (as Margaret Donner), Branford Marsalis (as Lester), Rob Reiner (as Joel), Bruce Kirby (as Detective DeBenedetto), Joey DePinto (as Sergeant), Annie Ross (as Mrs. Hazeltine), Raye Birk (as Pinsky), Oprah Winfrey (as Herself), Olivia Brown (as Ms. Gladstone), Philip Perlman (as Mr. Perlman), Stu Silver (as Ramon)

Черная комедия, пародия на хичкоковский фильм "Незнакомцы в поезде". Де Вито, дебютирующий в качестве режиссера, появляется на экране в роли человека, пытающегося убедить героия Кристала "обменяться" с ним "убийствами". Л: ВИДЕОСЕРВИС. (Иванов М.)

Larry Donner (Billy Crystal) is an English professor struggling writer - at the outset of the movie, he has trouble finishing the first sentence of his novel - who is absent minded, feeble bellied, and recently divorced. When he sees his wife Margaret (Kate Mulgrew) appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss her book, one which he accuses her of plagiarizing off his life story, he becomes incensed enough to yell "I hate her! I wish she was dead!" in front of a large crowd, including some of his students. One of them is the diminutive, dim witted, irritating, yet clever Owen Lift (Danny DeVito). Owen lives at home with his Momma (Anne Ramsey), a woman so shrill and demanding, he has often considered matricide. After Owen watches an Alfred Hitchcock movie when prospective assailants decide to "criss-cross," thereby extinguishing any evidence of motives in their murders, he ponders whether to do the same thing with Larry. A Hitchcock thriller this movie is not, as is demonstrated by the lack of suspense as the plot progresses. It is, regardless, an enjoyable movie. Billy Crystal, as always, injects some memorable jokes and one-liners (ie. "He does his book signings at Toys R' Us"), while Danny DeVito's placid yet jabbering manner is as hysterical as it was as Louie DiPalma on "Taxi." Certain minor characters add comic relief as well. One of Larry's students (Raye Birk) presents his proposed coffee table book entitled "100 Women I'd Like to Schtupp," or something along those lines. DeVito even manages to get his father in law, Philip Perlman, into the script. "Throw Momma From the Train" also previews two rising stars: before he became famous, Branford Marsalis played a jazz musician in this movie, while Margaret's status on Oprah Winfrey's book club occurred long before her it grew to rival the Book of the Month Club. In conclusion, well, I'm having trouble finishing this sentence so I'll just say that "a writer writes - all the time!&3838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838383838#34

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