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 Vojna / Война

Режиссер: Aleksei Balabanov

Страна: Russia

Жанр: Action

Год выпуска: 2002

Актеры: Aleksei Chadov (as Ivan Yermakov), Ian Kelly (II) (as John), Sergei Bodrov Jr. (as Captain Medvedev), Ingeborga Dapkunaite (as Margaret), Evklid Kyurdzidis (as Ruslan), Giorgi Gurgulia (as Aslan), Vladimir Gostyukhin (as Ivan's Father), Viktoriya Smirnova (as Katka)

От режиссера фильмов "БРАТ" и "БРАТ 2"!

Он был солдатом на чеченской войне. В плену он стал рабом. Его отпустили и сказали - не приходи больше. Но он вернулся... Алексей Чадов и Иен Келли, Ингебора Дапкунайте и Сергей Бодров в новом фильме Алексея Балабанова "ВОЙНА".

A British couple is kidnapped by the Chechens for a ransom of a million pounds - a ransom that nobody is able to pay. A Russian soldier is also a prisoner of Chechens but he ain't worth a dime. So the Briton and the Russian are let go - the former is told to come up with the ransom while his girlfriend stays with Chechens, the latter is sent with a message to hurry up the exchange of a Russian officer for the imprisoned brother of the Chechen warlord. Naturally, there is not enough money to buy back the British girl and no will on the part of Russians to exchange or rescue the Russian officer - so these two who were let go get back to Chechnya on their own accord to settle the affair in the Brat-2 style. With even bigger guns. Those who expect another art-house movie like Of Freaks and Men will be very dissapointed. This movie is as one-dimensional as they come: Chechens are evil, Russians are corrupt, Westerners and the press are hypocritical, Russian army is incompetent, so it is up to our hero armed only with a shotgun to take upon himself the Chechen war (vojna). At least there is an improvement to the Brat-2 movie - he doesn't have to make a shotgun from a waterpipe and two rolls of duct tape

Время: 119 мин
Дисков: 2 шт
Video format: DivX 4
Audio format: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 720x576
Размер: 680+644 Mb
Перевод: Russian
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/war..rus..jpg

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