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 Wrongfully Accused / Без вины виноватый

Режиссер: Pat Proft

Страна: USA

Жанр: Comedy

Год выпуска: 1998

Актеры: Leslie Nielsen (as Ryan Harrison), Richard Crenna (as Lt. Fergus Falls), Kelly LeBrock (as Lauren Goodhue), Melinda McGraw (as Cass Lake), Michael York (as Hibbing Goodhue), Sandra Bernhard (as Doctor Fridley), Aaron Pearl (as Sean Laughrea), Leslie Jones (II) (as Sergeant Tina Bagley), Benjamin Ratner (as Sergeant Orono), Gerard Plunkett (as Sir Robert McKintyre), Duncan Fraser (II) (as Sergeant MacMcDonald), John Walsh (I) (as John Walsh), Maury Hannigan (as Commissioner Hannigan), Chick Hearn (as Basketball Announcer), Brian Arnold (as Dan Clellan the News Reporter)

Героя фильма обвиняют в убийстве. Он должен сам доказать свою невиновность, а значит найти настоящего убийцу. Пародий сейчас стало очень много, не все из них удачны, но в этой есть над чем посмеяться. (Иванов М.)

Rating: 8.5-"All genre fans should see this film. 8.5's are almost must sees for genre fans, but have some minor flaw that brings them below a 9. Anyone seriously or casually interested in film should enjoy it or at least find something interesting about it."

It's not the best Leslie Nielsen movie, but it's far from the worst. Except for a couple minor slowdowns, Wrongfully Accused is a quick-witted, parodic romp through a wide variety of action and suspense films.

Of course it has a plot, but plots aren't crucial things in Leslie Nielsen movies. Rather, the plot is there to tie together the skits in order to make Wrongfully Accused play like a movie and not a long, high quality episode of Saturday Night Live or Mad TV. The plot is loosely that of The Fugitive, but Nielsen is a classical violinist "pop-star" (the posters for his performances feature him shirtless and muscular, posing with his violin like a cross between the cover of a romance novel and Bruce Springsteen). There's an appropriately convoluted mess of a premise involving a family related to one another in ways they can't even describe (one chain involves a hermaphrodite mother/father who is also an identical twin sister of someone born 10 years later). On top of that, they're tied in with terrorists. Leslie Nielsen is wrongfully accused of a murder of yet another relative and spends most of the film on the run.

Like The Simpsons (one of the best comedic shows ever in my opinion), the jokes go by quickly and they are multi-layered (not only are their overt jokes, but there are constantly odd things happening in the background, jokes in the sets, in the names of stores, products, etc.). I suspect it would take at least three viewings of Wrongfully Accused and liberal use of the pause button to catch them all.

Almost all the spoofs work excellently, but they are not dependent on spoof-status to work. In quite a few scenes, I was unfamiliar with the specific films being spoofed, but they were still very funny. I suppose that so many facets of the action/suspense genre have become cliched that it's easy enough to just spoof the genre overall. Some highlights include the extended spoof of the opening action scenes of The Fugitive, the hospital scenes (especially when Nielsen is making rounds), the machine gun Irish gigue, and the North by Northwest sequence.

Nielsen, who was actually a serious actor in the 50's, 60's and part of the 70's, is perfect in these roles. He deadpans like no one else this side of Eric Idle and John Cleese, and delivers multiple layers of innuendoes and sheer stupidity while coming across as a completely believable and likeable buffoon. At this point, he's become typecast, but it's a type I hope he chooses to keep casting. His films have taken over the void left by the lamentable absence of Monty Python (although Python had a very different flavor) and the sparse and mostly subpar work that Mel Brooks has released in the last 15 years or so.

Another standout in Wrongfully Accused is Richard Crenna in "The Tommy Lee Jones part" of Lieutenant Fergus Falls. The dialogue that Crenna is given is difficult to make work unless you can out-Tommy Jones Tommy Jones. Crenna does that with no problem. The absurd facts he rapidly sprinkles throughout his comments and instructions are hilarious, but go by so fast that you have to stop and repeat the line to yourself to get it all. That's what the part requires--the lines have to be delivered as in a clinical, completely serious manner. Crenna earned his paycheck twice over.

Writer and director Pat Proft mimics the Abrahams and Zucker (Airplane!) style better than anyone, and at this point, it's almost more his style, as he's racked-up more films in the genre than the originators have. It's not easy to write and direct successful films in this vein, and even Proft stumbles a few times--there are a few instances that Wrongfully Accused slows down too much--which is what caused me to rate this film an 8.5 rather than higher.

I watched Wrongfully Accused on DVD. That format includes two scenes that were either cut or edited down, which is too bad, because they were as funny as anything else in the film. More than likely the studio wanted Proft to cut the film's running time down. I'd like to see the rest of the material that was cut out. Maybe a "director's edition" should be pursued.

Recommendation: I suspect that most people who haven't seen Wrongfully Accused already have a fair idea whether they'll like it or not. Nielsen fans obviously will, as will fans of Mel Brooks, or fans of any similarly veined comedies. Oddly, lots of people dislike Nielsen and the genre, and like usual, they should avoid this one

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