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 Baise-moi / Трахни меня

Режиссер: Coralie (I), Virginie Despentes

Страна: France

Жанр: Adult

Год выпуска: 2000

Актеры: Raffaлla Anderson (as Manu), Karen Lancaume (as Nadine (as Karen Bach)), Delphine MacCarty (as Severine), Lisa Marshall (as Karla), Estelle Isaac (as Alice), Hervй P. Gustave (as Martin (as H.P.G)), Marc Rioufol (as Architect), Ouassini Embarek (as Radouan), Adama Niane (as Boy with Billiards), Tewfik Saad (as Server), Cйline Beugnot (as Blonde with Billiards), Christophe Claudy Landry (as Guy with Counter (as Christophe Claudi)), Patrick Eudeline (as Francis), Hacиne Beddrouh (as Lakim), Philippe Houillez (as Rapist 1)

Студия "CineMAX" представляет:
Эротический боевик.
Порноактрису Мано и проститутку Надин сводят вместе довольно необычные обстоятельства. Мано, изнасилованная бандой подонков, в порыве ненависти к мужикам убивает своего приятеля, а Надин, в свою очередь, поддавшись импульсу насилия, убивает свою соседку по комнате. Вместе они пускаются в последнее, заранее обреченное путешествие по стране

I first saw a poster advertising this film on a street in Helsinki, Finland in June of 2000. What caught my attention was the proud proclamation advising all readers that the movie, although itself French, had been "Banned in France". Upon returning home to New York, I discovered that one of the "Art House" movie theaters in the City was screening the film, and so (with my Finnish fiancee) decided to see what all the fuss was about. Boy, did we ever.

From the comments read here, and the reviews I knew the movie was violent and sexually explicit. Not necessarily offended by either of these two conditions, I went with an open mind to see what had perturbed the sensibilities of our Gallic cousins. Presumably, as anyone who is reading this will know, the story involves two women who embark on a crime and murder spree in France (the movie has English subtitles). The resemblance to "Thelma and Louise" however, ends with that" the sex is unusually graphic (and in copious supply) as is the violence (a lot of stomping to death, and a lot of blood and other organic matter splattering after bullet impact).

On an intellectual level, one could make the case that the film's very essence is the relationship of sex and violence (as manifested by the only sex these women know: one is a small-time prostitute, and the other has earned money from time to time by performing in pornographic films. When they, during their descent into crime and murder, have the upper hand over their sexual situations, they react only with the same violence and brutality that they themselves know and understand. It is important to note, however, that the victims of their rampage are not only creepy men interested in creepy sex, (of which there are several)but innocent passersby, a woman at an ATM, for example, as well.

I myself do not really understand why the repeated "porn-movie" shots were all that necessary, (except to depict the physical contact as cruel, unpassionate and debased) and the unrelenting gore did get rather tedious after the first few violent spasms.

It is a coarse and crude movie, but in fairness, it is dealing with coarse and crude people and equally unpleasant circumstances. From one point of view, the lives of the French underclasses is explored, and it's pretty grim' a travelogue for France it definitely is not- perhaps that's why the French banned it

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Перевод: Перевод
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