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 Battle Royale / Королевская битва

Режиссер: Kinji Fukasaku

Страна: Japan

Жанр: Drama

Год выпуска: 2000

Актеры: Tatsuya Fujiwara (as Shuya Nanahara), Aki Maeda (as Noriko Nakagawa), Taro Yamamoto (as Shougo Kawada), Masanobu Ando (as Kazou Kiriyama), Kou Shibasaki (as Mitsuko Souma), Chiaki Kuriyama (as Takako Chigusa), Takako Baba (as Yoshimi Yahagi), Shirou Gou (as Ryuhei Sasagawa), Satomi Hanamura (as Yuka Nakagawa), Shigeki Hirokawa (as Shou Tsukioka), Hirohito Honda (as Kazushi Niida), Hitomi Hyuga (as Yuko Sakaki), Sayaka Ikeda (as Megumi Etou), Aki Inoue (as Fumiyo Fujiyoshi), Satomi Ishii (as Haruka Tanizawa), Eri Ishikawa (as Yukie Utsumi), Ai Iwamura (as Smiling Winner), Sayaka Kamiya (as Satomi Noda), Asami Kanai (as Chisato Matsui), Tukari Kanasawa (as Yukiko Kitano), Misao Kato (as Yumiko Kusaka), Tsuyako Kinoshita (as Mizuho Inada), Takeshi Kitano (as Kitano (as Beat Takeshi)), Yukihiro Kotani (as Yoshitoki Kuninobu), Shin Kusaka (as Yoshio Akamatsu), Ai Maeda (II) (as Shiori Kitano), Yuuki Masuda (as Hiroshi Kuronaga), Ren Matsuzawa (as Kieta Iijima), Tamaki Mihara (as Izumi Kanai), Takayo Mimura (as Kayoko Kotohiki), Minami (as Keiko), Yыko Miyamura (as Training video girl), Anna Nagata (as Hirono Shimizu), Junichi Naitou (as Yuichiro Takiguchi), Gouki Nishimura (as Tatsumichi Ohki), Ryou Nitta (as Kyouichi Motobuchi), Haruka Nomiyama (as Mayumi Tendou), Osamu Ohnishi (as Youji Kuramoto), Yauomi Sano (as Kazuhiko Yamamoto), Mai Sekiguchi (as Kaori Minami), Yousuke Shibata (as Mitsuru Numai), Yutaka Shimada (as Yutaka Seto), Tomomi Shimaki (as Sakura Ogawa), Sousuke Takaoka (as Hiroki Sugimura), Takashi Tsukamoto (as Shinji Mimura), Shigehiro Yamaguchi (as Toshimori Oda), Satoshi Yokomichi (as Tadakatsu Hatagami)

Касса мирового проката - 20.3 млн. долларов.

Такого еще не было, но будет! Очень скоро! Так считает нестареющий классик Японского кино режиссер Кинджи Фукасаку - кумир Тарантино и Джона Ву. Родители лишатся работы, а дети выйдя из под контроля, учинят террор и массовый бойкот взрослым. Ответная мера: "Королевская битва" - санкционированная правительством жестокая игра, в которой неуправляемых школьников заставят участвовать под дулами армейских автоматов.

На необитаемом острове 42 подростка будут 3 дня безжалостно уничтожать друг друга, чтобы победить. Только одному игроку разрешено вернуться на большую землю живым.

Невозмутимый распорядитель зловещей игры - школьный учитель Китано. Свое имя дал герою исполнитель этой роли всемирно известный культовый актер и режиссер Такеши Китано. Кровь льется рекой, но учитель Китано гарантирует не только соблюдение условий игры, но и ее условность. Юные герои гибнут, но точь-в-точь как в компьютерной "стрелялке".

Вот только мораль фильма не виртуальная. Из безумного электронного будущего она обращена в сегодняшний день

Kinji Fukasaku's Battle Royale is among the most controversial films of last years. It is based on Japanese novel that also was very provoking and "shocked the nation." The plot is simple: at the dawn of new millennium (the film is set in near future) nation collapsed and all kind of social menaces were born as students started to boycott their schools and act very violently towards teachers and adults in general. Unemployment number was alarmingly huge and everything was going to fall apart. Battle Royale act was created and it meant that every year, one ninth grade class was chosen by random to play "Battle Royale" which turns out to be savage hunting game in order to stay alive. The game is played in deserted island in the middle of the sea. The rule is that only one of the 40+ students is allowed to survive and the winner is the one who is last alive. They have 3 days time to fight and if there are more than one person alive after three days, everyone will be killed. They can't escape as they have deadly necklaces that explode if they try to rip them off or try to escape etc. do something that is against the "rules." The chosen ninth grade's teacher is played by Takeshi Kitano with his usual charisma and sense of very dark and wry humor. It is no necessary to tell anything more about the story since this is all that can be told without spoiling anything. In few words: a human hunting/killing game in which only one can be a winner. You may need to kill your closest friend or girlfriend if you want to stay alive..

Well what a premise for a film we got here, and I must say the film is definitely as great and interesting - and very disturbing - as it sounds. I have seen this two times now, and it was even more powerful now that I viewed it again. The film says as many things about society as Clockwork Orange and both films have been hugely criticized by their violent nature and often off putting imagery, but that's also because of they show things most people don't want and dare to admit. Takeshi Kitano's teacher sums it all up pretty wisely at the end of Battle Royale as he says "if you hate someone you take the consequences." It is horrific to see how some of the youngsters are immediately ready to kill a friend and all others in order to survive the game and return to society/home. Others commit suicide because they don't want to get killed violently or, more importantly, they don't want to kill. And then there are those who only try to invent a way to get out of that island and get rid of the deadly necklaces.

This film depicts once again the darkest sides of humanity and what kind of things we are capable to do. These films are very important but due to their hard elements, they are often misunderstood and unaccepted, and so not understood. Violent scenes are usually the things that provoke certain people, and despite Battle Royale is very bloody, violent and horrific film it is never gratuitous, just merciless. And the world it depicts is also very merciless, so do you dare to watch to mirror? That is almost as appropriate "slogan" of the film as the present "Could you kill your best friend?"

The film is full of totally gorgeous cinematography and camera use and the editing is also fantastic and smooth and never too fast, which is very irritating if used without talent. The film is pretty blue and dark for most of the time, and that is also great element to add to the depravity of the subject matter. The mostly young actors are very talented and never act irritatingly, and most importantly, their characters are deep and not shallow as in many films. These characters are all very personal and the viewer really cares what happens to them. For example the three protagonists are especially charismatic and natural, and Takeshi Kitano does his role once again with his usual talent and mastery of his face. The film would definitely not be this great if the script by Kenta Fukasaku (director's son) were more shallow and cliche oriented. The killing becomes far more disturbing as the script concentrates so much on these characters and the sorrow when someone loses his/her friend is hand touchingly effective.

The soundtrack combines classic music to modern pop/rock and that is also another reason why this has been compared to Clockwork Orange which also used classic music to make the film stronger experience with the power of music. In fact, I've listened the song played during end credits several times, because it is very great song from some Japanese artist/group. I thought very much before this review that what NEGATIVE points I found in this film, but I have to say that since the photography is stunning, the characters are very deep (at least the main characters) and the subject matter is very important and handled with the magic of cinema, I cannot say any negative things about this, but if I get something in mind, I'll write them here with new review. I always think that if a film has many positive things and is cinematically stunning, the few possible "flaws" are easy to forgive, but in this case I really can't mention any flaws or negative things about this piece of Japanese art.

Battle Royale is among the most important films of last decades and it is not a surprise it comes from Japan; from the land of masters like Takeshi Kitano, Akira Kurosawa and many genre directors specialized in unique horror and fantasy films. I give this Kinji Fukasaku's masterpiece a 10/10 rating and I am very pleased it was even more stunning experience with my second viewing

Время: 110 мин
Дисков: 2 шт
Video format: DivX 5
Audio format: AC3
Разрешение: 512x288
Размер: 680+607 Mb
Перевод: Дубляж
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/battle royale.jpg

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