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 Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead / Чем заняться мертвецу в Денвере

Режиссер: Gary Fleder

Страна: USA

Жанр: Crime

Год выпуска: 1995

Актеры: Andy Garcia (as Jimmy 'The Saint' Tosnia), Christopher Lloyd (as Pieces), William Forsythe (as Franchise), Bill Nunn (as Easy Wind), Treat Williams (as Critical Bill), Jack Warden (as Joe Heff), Steve Buscemi (as Mister Shhh), Fairuza Balk (as Lucinda), Gabrielle Anwar (as Dagney), Christopher Walken (as The Man With The Plan), Michael Nicolosi (as Bernard), Bill Cobbs (as Malt), Marshall Bell (as Lt. Atwater), Glenn Plummer (as Baby Sinister), Don Stark (as Gus)

Если вы любите фильмы Тарантино и Родригеса, то и этот пропускать не советую. Блестяще расказанная история о Джимми-Святом (Гарсиа), совершившем "кадровую" ошибку при подборе людей для пустякового дела, превращается в руках авторов фильма в стильную криминальную драму с множеством подтекстов. Могущественный и, прямо скажем, крайне неприятный босс преступного мира (Уокен), парализованный от шеи и ниже, попросил занявшегося легальным бизнесом старого друга припугнуть парня девчонки, в которую одержимо влюблен его придурковатый сын, а отобранные Джимми для дела болваны вместо этого убили обоих. Разъяренный Уокен приказывает убить всех, кроме Джимми, дав другу 48 часов, чтобы исчезнуть. Но Джимми не может бросить друзей, да и у самого только что завязался роман с очаровательной юной красавицей... Добавлю только, что невозможно описать в объеме аннотации всех нюансов и обстоятельств, органично выписанных в картине. Особое настроение создают показываемые время от времени советы покойных своим живым родственникам. Такой был у Джимми бизнес - записывать на видеопленку советы людей и показывать их родственникам после того, как они умрут (Иванов М.)

One of the greatest appeals of this film is its vernacular. Aside from being cast beautifully by talented actors in diverse roles set in an interesting story, it's the dialogue that is extremely memorable. That, and its great title.

And with such a great cast and dialogue, I'm absolutely stunned as to how this great little film slipped through the cracks and didn't get a wider audience. Its theatrical run here in Toronto was limited, actually I'm making an assumption, I don't recall a listing for it, but before you knew it, it was gone. Perhaps it wasn't marketed well or supported strongly enough.

I have recommended this film and lent it to many friends and every one of them has enjoyed it. I generally say, if you liked "Pulp Fiction", another film which is well cast and with great dialogue, then you will likely enjoy this one also.

One of my favourite quotes from the film (or any) comes from a supporting player. Andy Garcia as "Jimmy The Saint", seeks the advice of Bill Cobbs, playing "Malt", a Soda Jerk, on whether he should impregnate his hooker friend as a favour to help straighten her out, Malt sarcastically replies:

"That's just what the world needs... the unholy offspring of you two bag-o-smashes. That kid will be the anti-christ for sure: 666 written all over it."

Christopher Walken plays a memorable role of a crippled mob boss, known as "The Man With The Plan" who is disturbed by his son Bernard's manic and sexually obsessive behavior after having been dumped by the love of his life for another man. The Man With The Plan insists that Jimmy, come back to work for one job, an action, to scare the living daylights out of this new beau, and tell him to stay away from Bernard's former girlfriend.

Jimmy is given the option to assemble his old crew for this action, which he does. A strange bunch of men who have been long out of any illegal action, some of whom miss it, and others whom do not.

And that's just about where it gets real interesting.

The story is laden with character revelation from a old wiseguy who just doesn't shut up and scenes from everyday people who offer their wisdom to videotape at Jimmy The Saint's legitimate but failing business, "After Life Advice" for people who are terminally ill and wish to pass on a legacy to their loved ones beyond the grave.

Everyone involved with this film should be proud of their accomplishment. It is a great film and unfortunately hasn't been seen by many, by my account anyway. Let's see if we can't change that

Время: 113 мин
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Video format: DivX 3.11 Low Motion
Audio format: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 512x265
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Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский
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