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 Galaxy Quest / Галактическое путешествие

Режиссер: Dean Parisot

Страна: USA

Жанр: Fantasy

Год выпуска: 1999

Актеры: Tim Allen (as Jason Nesmith/Commander Peter Quincey Taggart, Ship Captain), Sigourney Weaver (as Gwen DeMarco/Lt. Madison), Alan Rickman (as Alexander 'Alex' Dane/Dr. Lazarus), Tony Shalhoub (as Fred Kwan/Tech. Sgt. Chen/Fred's Look-a-like from Sarris), Sam Rockwell (as Guy Fleegman), Daryl Mitchell (as Tommy Webber/Laredo, Pilot), Enrico Colantoni (as Commander Mathesar), Robin Sachs (as General Sarris), Patrick Breen (as Quellek), Missi Pyle (as Laliari), Jed Rees (as Thermian Historian Teb), Justin Long (I) (as Brandon Wheeger, Commander Fan), Jeremy Howard (as Kyle, Commander Fan), Kaitlin Cullum (as Katelyn), Jonathan Feyer (as Hollister)

Оригинальная и уморительно смешная комедия о том, как жители далекой галактики, приняв вышедший в тираж телесериал за исторические документы планеты Земля, сконструировали технику для галактических войн, включая космические корабли, так, чтобы все выглядело как в сериале, но работало. Актеры тем временем находились в крайне бедственном положении, развлекая на гастролях своих немногих поклонников сценками из космической мыльной оперы. Инопланетянам угрожала самая реальная опасность от разумных звероящеров, их раса была на грани уничтожения. Они заявляются к командору (Тим Аллен) из сериала и приглашают на свой корабль. К нему присоединяется вся актерская группа, чтобы вступить в бой со злыми агрессорами!

Смотрится лента на одном дыхании. Свежо, оригинально, а главное очень неглупо и смешно. Великолепная пародия на бесконечные космические сериалы вроде "Стар Трек: Звездный путь" или "Вавилон 5". Не пропустите этот фильм, даже если Вы не любите фантастику. Все актеры подобраны и играют блестяще. Особенно хочу выделить Элана Рикмэна. (Иванов М.)

GALAXY QUEST (1999) ***1/2

Starring: Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Tony Shalhoub, Alan Rickman, Daryl Mitchell and Sam Rockwell Directed by Dean Parisot, written by David Howard. Running Time: 104 minutes. Rated PG (for action violence and some gore, mild language, and brief sex-related material)

By Blake French:

As I walked out of the theater in which I screened "Galaxy Quest," I thought how surprised I was to have enjoyed what seemed as a cheesy family spoof. But the film turned to be an action adventure with some really hilarious moments. I loved the film. It has qualities of a successful science fiction drama, but also contains a variety of comical characters that had the whole audience overwhelmed in laughter. "Galaxy Quest" is right up there with "Toy Story" in merit, it entertains adults and children alike, standing out as one of the year's best family films.

The story details the adventures of a canceled television science fiction fantasy cast, similar in content to "Star Trek." "Galaxy Quest" is the name of the program. In their years, the stars, including Jason Nesmith, Gwen DeMarco, Fred Kwan, Alexander Dane, and Tommy Webber, were some of the biggest, most popular names in TV. Now, their means of making a living is signing fans' autographs for a price and being cast in amateur presentations.

There is very detailed character development here. The characters are wonderfully cast and brilliantly portrayed. Unfortunately, most family films don't contain the patience for such necessary material. We bond with these characters' they are likable, funny, energetic and independent. These individuals are the key of success to this kind of movie.

The real plot begins when strange people come to Jason beging for him to save their existence from a powerful evil force who wishes to wipe them out of the universe forever. Naturally, at first our television star is skeptical, but when the strange people turn out to be humble aliens and transport Jason to their spaceship, he realizes this is something serious. The aliens begin to explain that they think he and his "Galaxy Quest" team are the only people in the universe who can save their race. He rushes to the members of his old cast and tries to justify his experience. He says that there are extraterrestrial creatures who require the help of their "Galaxy Quest" characters. None of his friends believe him, but once again give in when they find themselves transported off earth, onto the creature's spaceship. Of course, the aliens don't realize that their hopeful heroes are simply out of work actors, but who needs to tell them? So it is up to Commander Peter Quincy Taggart, Lt. Tawny Madison, Tech Sergeant Chen, Dr. Lazarus of Tev'Meck, and Lt. Laredo to save the day for our innocent and haunted alien life forms.

"Galaxy Quest" is a slapstick comedy that is smart, and does not go over the edge with its humorous material. It leaves room for several other essential elements such as happiness, romance, honesty, excitement, and contains a dramatic purpose. The story is very original, and contains a firm theme of action in its premise. It also has lots of outstanding visual effects and sight gags that are effective and interesting to watch.

Although the film gets a little off-track near the end, "Galaxy Quest" is still high energy laughs audiences will come to the theater expecting. This is one of the most victorious movies of this year in its execution of the script because we anticipate what we are going to view is a silly comic spoof. Even though parts of the film fit that definition, in the end we end up with a lot more than that.

Brought to you by DreamWorks Pictures

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