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 Ghost Of Mars / Призраки Марса

Режиссер: John Carpenter

Страна: USA

Жанр: Action

Год выпуска: 2001

Актеры: Natasha Henstridge (as Melanie Ballard), Ice Cube (as James 'Desolation' Williams), Jason Statham (as Jericho Butler), Clea DuVall (as Bashira Kincaid), Pam Grier (as Helena Braddock), Joanna Cassidy (as Dr. Arlene Whitlock), Richard Cetrone (as Big Daddy Mars), Rosemary Forsyth (as Inquisitor), Liam Waite (as Michael Descanso), Duane Davis (as Uno), Lobo Sebastian (as Dos), Rodney A. Grant (as Tres), Peter Jason (as McSimms), Wanda De Jesus (as Akooshay), Doug McGrath (I) (as Benchley)

Речь пойдет о случайно разбуженных призраках свирепых воинов, которые многие тысячи лет назад уничтожили марсианскую цивилизацию. Теперь они захватывают тела землян, чтобы их же и уничтожить... Крутой боевик. Рекомендую. (Иванов М.)

I will always lionize John Carpenter. Every chance I get, I tell everyone that asks or chooses to listen that Halloween is not only one of the best horror films ever made, but it is one of the ten best movies ever made. John Carpenter is legendary for making this brilliant film that scared the hell out of us by the eloquent use of shadows, ominous music, and a true and unequivocal killing force that was out for blood. There has never been nor do I think there will ever be another film like it. Blair Witch, Nightmare On Elm Street and Texas Chainsaw Massacre are a few of the films that have come close to eminating that true fear but they are just a slight notch below Halloween ( with all due respect to Wes Craven, Hooper and Myrick and Sanchez).

The question that I have to ask ( and I really wish John Carpenter would sack up and answer this one to his loyal fans like me) is how in the world the brilliance behind Halloween can turn around and insult us with this abysmal film that is the complete Anti-Christ to what horror should be about. Halloween prided itself on the music and the tension. Ghosts of Mars has no tension, a ridiculous soundtrack that abandons John's eerie turn on the piano and substitutes it with an ersatz Anthrax-guitar-rhapsody-wailing-string of embarrassing noise that not only doesn't build tension, it completely molifies it. If there is ever a time in this film when you think the tension is about to build, don't worry, the music will alleviate any fear that you have.

I could go on for pages and pages and rip into this film, and part of me wants to. But maybe a more effective way to sum this up is to just tell you this: I am angry. I am angry because I love to be scared. I admire J.C because he made Halloween. He has inspired to want to make horror films. One of the reasons that I think the horror genre is the hardest to master is because of films like the ones mentioned above. But when one of the masters makes an abomination like this, it really lets you down. Ghosts of Mars is everything that John Carpenter knows is wrong with most of horror. For every film like Sixth Sense that takes you back to what it was like to be scared again, you get films like I Know What You Did and even lower on the evolutionary horror chain is GOM. This is probably the worst horror film I have ever seen and it is easily one of the worst films I have been privy to in my life.

On a personal note to Carpenter: John, you let us all down. This film is beneath you and if you have to thrust this onto the public just to make a buck then shame on you. I want the JC back that gave me Halloween and even some of his other decent efforts like The Fog, The Thing and Christine. This mindless crap like GOM and Village of the Damned and In The Mouth of Madness has to go. Will the real JC please show yourself?

0 out of 10-- enough said

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