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 Princess Diaries / Как стать принцессой / Дневники принцессы

Режиссер: Garry Marshall

Страна: USA

Жанр: Family

Год выпуска: 2001

Актеры: Julie Andrews (as Queen Clarisse Renaldi of Genovia), Anne Hathaway (as Mia Thermopolis/Princess Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi of Genovia), Hector Elizondo (as Joseph/Joe), Heather Matarazzo (as Lilly Moscovitz), Mandy Moore (II) (as Lana Thomas), Caroline Goodall (as Helen Thermopolis), Robert Schwartzman (as Michael Moscovitz), Erik von Detten (as Josh Bryant), Patrick Flueger (as Jeremiah 'Miah' Hart), Sean O'Bryan (as Mr. Patrick O'Connell), Sandra Oh (as Vice Principal G. Gupta), Kathleen Marshall (I) (as Royal Secretary Charlotte Kutaway), Mindy Burbano (as Gym Teacher Harbula), Kim Leigh (as Music Teacher Wells), Beth Anne Garrison (as Cheerleader Anna)

Премия кинофестиваля в Хартланде.
Еще вчера Миа Термополис была обычной девочкой, а сегодня - она наследная принцесса. Как выяснилось, Миа оказалась плодом тайного романа своей удивительной мамы и недавно почившего принца Женовии. В мгновение ока нескладная Миа попадает под опеку новоприобретенной бабушки, строгой королевы Клариссы, которая намерена превратить неуклюжего тинейджера в лощеную светскую львицу. И это проблема. Ведь хотя Миа не возражает против вкушения сладких плодов ее нового статуса, ей совсем не улыбается заковать себя в цепи придворного этикета. Так что же она выберет - монарший венец или свободу?!

I know what you're all thinking. It's a G-rated comedy. What do you expect? Well, after seeing "Shrek" and "Osmosis Jones" I've realized something many people seem to overlook: "It IS possible to make a good-natured, clean family movie that satisfies adults and kids alike!"

"The Princess Diaries" is a pleasant family flick that I can't say I hated. It's watchable, it's mildly amusing. Even captivating, in a most lightweight sense. But the humor is often flat and predictable, and delivered in a forced manner. The characters are treated like plot points. The plot is as predictable as night and day.

I'm not expecting subtlety, darn it! I understand this is supposed to be a lightweight family film, but so was "Shrek"! So was "Osmosis Jones"! But I received a ton of laughs out of those films. I only got intermittent chuckles out of "PD." It's like the writers felt, "Heck, I can't put any scatological humor in this, so I may as well try to muster whatever I can out of a G-rated comedy by lowering our standards totally and creating jokes so cheap only five-year-olds will find this funny." And of course only a five-year-old girl can be fascinated by the completely by-the-numbers storyline, which scoops up every possible fairy tale and love story cliche to the last predictable note. In the spirit of films like "She's All That" we're introduced to a supposedly nerdy female character who looks very attractive in the first place, yet everyone looks at her like she's an ogre. Only "She's All That" had a good deal of humor and charm to make up for it. This movie is fueled solely by obvious plot points.

Anne Hathaway, though extremely beautiful, is phony in her performance. She never convinces us that she is in fact this nebbish fifteen-year-old girl and her performance is way over-the-top. It's nice to see Julie Andrews grace the screen after all these years. That was a treat. Though she has to work with a low-level script, she holds her own and keeps the charm on full blast. She's just as great as she was in "The Sound of Music" and "Mary Poppins." Hector Elizondo (a Garry Marshall regular) also gives us another impressive performance. He's another one of the film's saving graces. He says a funny one-liner--the one subtle homosexual reference in the film: (holding a box of high-heel women's shoes) "Shopping in San Francisco, the salesperson asked if I want them wrapped or do I want to wear them out of the store?" Also to help spice things up is the great Larry Miller, who steals the show in practically every supporting role he's in. He plays a flambouyant Italian fashion expert, who gives Mia (Hathaway) the big makeover.

The plot has everything we've seen in the past teen-bopper flicks, only sanitized and more dumbed-down in a G-rated fashion. We have Hathaway as the nerd, Heather Matarazzo as the nerdy best friend, the popular girl in the school/cheerleader (Mandy Moore) who is hot and looks down upon every other girl because she's so hot and all the fellow students view her as a goddess (yet everyone in the audience hates her guts--isn't that ironic?), we have the hot Backstreet Boys wannabe who also happens to be as subtle as a fire hydrant--not to mention a complete jerk--yet the main character has a huge crush on him and we have Matarazzo's brother as the guy who's always had the hots for Mia and also happens to be a complete outcast--despite the fact that he's also dashingly handsome. I would go into the whole plot, but after I just introduced you to all the cardboard characters, you probably would've guessed the whole darn thing by now.

"The Princess Diaries" is somewhat of a guilty pleasure. Despite its outburst of cliches, it's a pleasant and happy journey. And quite frankly this could've been as nauseating as an amateurish teen comedy like "All I Wanna Do" if it wasn't handled by Garry Marshall. OK, this is not strictly a teen comedy, but most of the action revolves around teens. Marshall was desperate to direct a movie that his children can enjoy, since "Pretty Woman" and "Runaway Bride" aren't films designated for the twelve and under crowd. So if Marshall's raw ambition wasn't put into this work, I perfectly understand. If you have young children, they'll love this movie! They'll eat it up with a spoon! And though I enjoyed it to a degree and you can--in some aspects--say it's fitfully entertaining, but older audiences still won't find "PD" ultimately satisfying. As I said, I've seen "Shrek" and "Osmosis Jones," and to tell you the truth I think adults will enjoy those movies MORE than children, though that is the target audience. So I don't want to hear any crappy responses like, "Hey! It's a kid's movie! What do you expect?" Go see the two movies I just mentioned. THAT'S what I expect! Family comedy doesn't entirely translate to: "Lower your standards."

My score: 5 (out of 10

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