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 Monster's Ball / Бал монстров

Режиссер: Marc Forster

Страна: USA

Жанр: Drama

Год выпуска: 2001

Актеры: Billy Bob Thornton (as Hank Grotowski), Taylor Simpson (as Lucille), Gabrielle Witcher (as Betty), Heath Ledger (as Sonny Grotowski), Amber Rules (as Vera), Peter Boyle (as Buck Grotowski), Charles Cowan Jr. (as Willie Cooper), Taylor Lagrange (as Darryl Cooper), Mos Def (as Ryrus Cooper), Anthony Bean (as Dappa Smith), Francine Segal (as Georgia Ann Paynes), John McConnell (I) (as Harvey Shoonmaker), Marcus Lyle Brown (as Phil Huggins), Milo Addica (as Tommy Roulaine), Leah Loftin (as Booter)

Тяжелая психологическая драма, о которой еще долго будешь вспоминать после просмотра.
Хэнк Грабовски уже много лет работает в тюрьме родного города и, при необходимости, ему приходится исполнять обязанности палача. Хэнк ненавидит "черномазых ниггеров", и, когда приходит черед казнить чернокожего заключенного Лоуренса Масгроува, убийцу полицейского, он делает это охотно. Сыну он говорит, что его мать тоже ненавидила ниггеров. А вот сын в папу не пошел, хотя работает вместе с ним. После однй казни он не выдерживает и кончает жизнь самоубийством. Страшная трагедия изменила Хэнка, и на мир вокруг себя теперь он смотрит по-другому. Через какое-то время обстоятельства складываются так, что Хэнк сходится чернокожей красавицей Летишией, недавно потерявшей сына и мужа. Случайная встреча на фоне перенесенного горя сближает Хэнка и Летишию, и между ними намечается настоящая любовь. Кажется, счастье рядом - только протяни руку. Но совершенно неожиданно Хэнк узнает, что Масгроув, которого он казнил, был мужем Летишии. Все актеры играют великолепно, но лучше всех Летишиа (Халле Берри, "Серебряный медведь за Лучшую актрису, Берлин 2002). (Иванов М.)


Among the many virtues of Monster's Ball is its amazingly well structured narrative. It begins with a slew of tragedies, and the first half climaxes with a stunning sex scene that people are going to be talking about, whether in shock or criticism, for years. After that, the drama is very level. Nothing all that dramatically weighty happens, at least compared to the first half. But all the little things that do happen are moments of beauty and humanity. The film even avoids a melodramatic denouement that I thought was sure to come. The setup is there, but the screenplay allows the film to end in a way more perfect than was imaginable moments beforehand. The screenplay represents something extremely original, and, although people have certainly responded to the writing (it was nominated for an Oscar), I think people might overlook how well written it is.

Of course, people are going to go see this because of Halle Berry's Oscar. She deserved it. I think her acceptance speech was curious, almost racist itself, as if The Man were secretly pulling strings to keep her down. I think it's unfortunate that she implied what she implied in that speech, because the film is about acceptance and togetherness. This is her first good role, at least that I've seen. I've definitely seen her in several bad roles, and you could always tell she was acting far below her ability. This is the kind of role every actress wants, and I'm glad that she did come into her own. Now let's just hope she doesn't go back to doing bad films! Hint: Halle, whatever you do, turn down B.A.P.S. 2! What's painful about the Oscar success is that Berry's co-star in the film, Billy-Bob Thornton, was not honored with a nomination. That's an insult. His performance is at least is strong. Thornton's acting ability is no secret - he's been nominated before, one for Best Actor and one for Best Supporting (for A Simple Plan, for which he really deserved the award). But why would they turn him down? He does a lot of garbage, too, but he's generally had a good career, both as actor and director. The supporting cast is also excellent here. Though their roles are small, Sean Combs (yes, Puff Daddy) and Heath Ledger (you know, the guy whom David Manning called "this year's hottest new actor" or something like that) give award-worthy performances. Also, Peter Boyle, best known as the monster from Young Frankenstein or as Grandpa Munster, or maybe even as Raymond's dad in Everybody Loves Raymond, is excellent as the bitter and dying patriarch.

That sex scene is going to be argued over forever, I think. I've heard some refer to it as pornography, and some as a very dramatically effective scene. I say that it is impossible to deny that that scene is not awkward. However, I think that its awkwardness is part of the point. The film really doesn't idealize any of its characters or situations. What one should notice about that sex scene is how it changes midstream from screwing to lovemaking. The second sex scene is very adult. I think it embarrasses some men because it depicts oral sex on a female. Usually when that sex act is performed on screen it is treated as a joke. I just think that men, who really do control the entire industry, find that act less erotic because they don't want to see themselves as a submissive sexual partner on film.

Monster's Ball is not a perfect film, but any little flaws along the way don't harm much. It's certainly a film that must be seen, and I hope others love it as much as I did. 9/10.

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