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 Ticker / Часовой механизм

Режиссер: Albert Pyun

Страна: USA

Жанр: Action

Год выпуска: 2001

Актеры: Tom Sizemore (as Nettles), Dennis Hopper (as Swann), Steven Seagal (as Glass), Jaime Pressly (as Claire), Nas (as Art 'Fuzzy' Rice), Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas (as Lilly), Peter Greene (I) (as Pluchinsky), Kevin Gage (as Pooch), Michael Halsey (as Vershbow), Norbert Weisser (as Dugger), Romany Malco (as T.J.), Joe Spano (I) (as Captain Spano), Mimi Rose (as Bev), Tish Daniels (as Angie), Linda Castro (as Bag Lady)

Когда Сан-Франциско сотрясает серия мощнейших взрывов, детектив Рэй Нэттлс выходит на след безжалостного террориста Алекса Свана, намеревающегося разрушить важнейшие здания в городе, погубив десятки тысяч жизней. Не раскрывая причин своих поступков, Сван устраивает для полицейских хитроумные смертоносные ловушки, постоянно ускользая от преследования. Не в силах в одиночку поймать разбушевавшегося маньяка, Нэттлс обращается за помощью к опытному саперу Глассу, вместе с которым они настигают убийцу, только тогда понимая, что он - всего лишь марионетка в руках более опасного и поистине безумного злодея.

В новом жестоком ураганном боевике неподражаемого Альберта Пьюна ("Адреналин", "Солдат апокалипсиса", "Немезида 1-4", "Крутые стволы") снялись знаменитые звезды жанра "экшн": Стивен Сигал ("Сквозные ранения", "Патриот", "В осаде 1, 2"), Деннис Хоппер ("Скорость", "Удар из космоса"), Том Сайзмор ("Перл-Харбор", "Красная планета", "Спасти рядового Райана")

Okay, I'm a huge Seagal fan and have seen all of his films except for THE PATRIOT, and I've never been disappointed with them. Until now. TICKER is, without a doubt, the worst Seagal movie I've seen, but it's not his fault. He actually manages a good deal of restraint throughout the majority of the film, never unleashing his martial arts skills until about the final 15 minutes of the movie. Tom Sizemore is good as always, though he (like Seagal) is never really given much to do.

Dennis Hopper was one of the surprising disappointments. He nowhere near reached the caliber of his scenery-chewing role in SPEED. In fact, he was actually quite boring in this film. And his pseudo-Irish accent must have been hard for him to do, as it comes and goes throughout the film. Another surprise that was actually welcome was seeing Peter Greene play a good guy for a change, as a cop with a hatred toward Sizemore that changes after a close call. But Jamie Pressly is as wooden and ugly as ever, proving she has no talent. And with co-stars sporting such names as Nas and Chilli, you'd expected a crap film, but they (thankfully) are hardly in it, despite being listed prominently in the opening credits. Nas has about two scenes, Chilli one. I was hoping to see Ice-T get beaten to a bloody pulp by Seagal, but he disappears without explanation as quickly as he appears, which is just as good.

The film itself could have been pretty entertaining, even for a brainless action movie (which I have no problems with). The explosion scenes were pretty average, the bluescreen effect when Hopper and Pressly are in the car near the end was particularly hilarious (Hopper stops the car slowly, but the background to screeches to a halt seemingly at the speed of light!), and the motive for the bombings is never clear. And the "which wire do I cut" scenes, of which there are a couple, were extremely lackluster in terms of suspense.

As a Seagal fan, I'm longing for the day he gets back to the type of films he used to do. THE GLIMMER MAN, FIRE DOWN BELOW and EXIT WOUNDS seemed like he was heading in that direction again, but TICKER can be seen as a major road bump. I hope his next film is much better (and shows in the theater instead of going direct-to-video like TICKER).

Время: 88 мин
Дисков: 1 шт
Video format: DivX 3.11 Low Motion
Audio format: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 512x288
Размер: 606 Mb
Перевод: Перевод
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