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 Labyrinth / Лабиринт

Режиссер: Jim Henson

Страна: USA

Жанр: Family

Год выпуска: 1986

Актеры: David Bowie (as Jareth the Goblin King), Jennifer Connelly (as Sarah), Toby Froud (as Toby), Shelley Thompson (as Stepmother), Christopher Malcolm (as Father), Natalie Finland (as Fairy), Shari Weiser (as Hoggle), Brian Henson (I) (as Hoggle/Goblin (voice)), Ron Mueck (as Ludo/Firey 2/Goblin (voice)), Rob Mills (I) (as Ludo/Firey 3), Dave Goelz (as Didymus/The Hat/The Four Guards/Left Door Knocker/Firey 3 (voice)), David Alan Barclay (as Didymus/Firey 1), David Shaughnessy (as Didymus/The Hat/The Four Guards/Goblin (voice)), Karen Prell (as The Worm/The Junk Lady/Firey 2), Timothy Bateson (as The Worm/The Four Guards/Goblin (voice))

Замечательный фильм-сказка для взрослых и для маленьких, вариация "Алисы в стране чудес". Девочку лет пятнадцати родители просят посидеть с маленьким братишкой и уходят в гости. Обиженная на родителей (у нее были свои планы), девочка придумывает историю о короле злых гоблинов, похищающем ребенка, и о тех приключениях и испытаниях, что ей приходится преодолеть в дьявольски коварном лабиринте. Сценарий написан Терри Джонсоном из группы "Монти Питон", исполнительный продюсер Джордж Лукас, ну а куклы автора "Маппет-шоу" Джима Хенсона знают все. Песни исполняет Боуи. С: Терри Джонс. К: Тревор Джонс. О: Алекс Томсон. М: Джон Гровер. Х: Эллиот Скотт. Исп. пр. Джордж Лукас. (Иванов М.)

Labyrinth can only be described as a major fantasy success that was loved by children and adults all round the globe. The opinion of some is that this film is wasted on children as it is a superbly crafted, well written and finely directed film which can only be appreciated by people of a certain age and film knowing experience. I believe that these people are wrong, and that all people regardless of their age and film know-how should experience Labyrinth's magic.

The film was directed by one George Lucas, infamous for a little film he made called Star Wars. Labyrinth combines his talents with Jim Henson, widely known as the creator of the Muppets. Labyrinth in no way can be compared to a muppet film; it can only be compared with Jim's previous fantasy film ‘The Dark Crystal'. Though Labyrinth isn't as dark as Dark Crystal it still bats in the same league.

Labyrinth's magic begins to work on the viewer right from the start as the opening credits roll to the music of David Bowie. As the camera zooms in we see a girl who is re-enacting her favourite book ‘Labyrinth'. This girl is the film's central character, Sarah (Jennifer Connelly: Dark City, The Rocketeer, Requiem for a Dream). When she arrives home late she has an arguement with her stepmother (Shelly Thompson: Morons from Outer Space, Just like a Woman) over having to babysit her baby brother Toby. When Sarah is left with Toby he begins to cry, a cry that brings Sarah to call for the Goblin King to take him away. This is where Henson's puppet mastery comes into play. There is a wonderful couple of seconds where Sarah, as she is saying the words for the Goblin King to take Toby away, is being listened to by a few a goblins inside her mirror. This is only one of the little ‘cute' scenes in this film that shows that Henson and Lucas can combine ideas to produce such memorable scenes that you will undoubtedly cherish.

When the Goblin King Jareth (David Bowie: The Man Who Fell to Earth) makes his appearance Sarah begs him to give Toby back to her. Eventually the king tells her that if she can solve his labyrinth and get to his castle that lies beyond on the Goblin City within 13hours, she can have Toby back, however if she doesn't Toby has to stay with him forever. Sarah has no choice and accepts his deal.

The first of the Labyrinths characters Sarah comes across is Hoggle, a goblin who likes jewels. This has to be one of the film's most memorable scenes in which Sarah is asking him to help her get into the Labyrinth while Hoggle walks around killing fairies. This scene shows brilliant camera work from Colin Corby and excellent direction from Lucas, as Sarah and Hoggle walk around the entrance of the Labyrinth, which appears to be huge.

Hoggle eventually shows Sarah how to get into the labyrinth. While she is pondering which way to go Trevor Jones's music manages to build up a confined atmosphere which really adds to the film at these early points.

As Sarah walks deeper into the Labyrinth, Lucas switches scenes and brings us into the Goblin Kings castle in which he is singing surrounded by goblins, another spellbinding feat by Jim Henson where goblins appear to be jumping ten foot in the air and throwing Toby in the air aswell.

As Sarah continues through the Labyrinth she encounters more weird and wonderfull characters such as Ludo, the huge beast with a huge heart; Didymus, the dog soldier; The junk lady and of course the blue worm.

When Sarah and her ‘gang' appear before the goblin city within the 13 hour period Jareth calls his goblin soldiers to get rid of them. This is one of the best pre-climax film scenes to come out of Hollywood, brilliant puppetry and almost magical scenery which again is brilliantly shot by Lucas, there is no doubt that there will be at least several bits which you will laugh at and chuckle about later.

When they get to the castle Sarah informs the rest of them that she has to go on alone, a brilliant scene which will bring a tear to your eye. When Sarah climbs the stairs she is faced by lots of staircases which appear to lead no-where. When Jareth appears he points out where Toby is, and Sarah tries to get to him. This scene has been copied but never bettered. Copiers include the 1989 horror film ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child', a very camp horror sequel of a sequel of a sequel of a sequel staring everyones favourite bogeyman.

The film's climax is a one on one confrontation between Sarah and Jareth, which seems to be shot on some sort of astrial plain. This scene produces such memorable lines from both parties especially Jareth. The ending is isn't strong enough to spawn a sequel.

A family/fantasy film, which appeals to children and parents, that has a plot is very hard to find today. So if you haven't already seen this film you must make it your priority to see it, regardless of your age, because everyone still has a young child within them.

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Разрешение: 608x256
Размер: 698+699 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский,English
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