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 My Little Eye / Мой маленький глаз / Одним глазком

Режиссер: Marc Evans (I)

Страна: UK

Жанр: Thriller

Год выпуска: 2002

Актеры: Sean Cw Johnson (as Matt), Kris Lemche (as Rex), Stephen O'Reilly (as Danny), Laura Regan (as Emma), Jennifer Sky (as Charlie), Bradley Cooper (as Travis Patterson), Nick Mennell (as The Cop)

Five young people apply to live in an isolated house together for six months whilst their every move is filmed by numerous cameras?

This film is about a group of five people that are staying in a "big brother" style house, that is being broadcasted on the internet. The group will get a million dollars each if every member of the group manages to stay until the end - if one leaves, they all get nothing.
This film is almost certainly a result of reality TV shows such as big brother, only it has been mixed into the horror genre.
The film for the most part is incredibly boring, just like real reality television. The five characters all have some skeletons in the closet, which you find out fairly near the start of the film. There are a few "prank" type occurances, and it isnt until the final 15 minutes that the film starts to touch on interestingness.
Interesting is probably the wrong word actually, it just turns into a slasher film, with characters dying here, there and everywhere. The film's ending is also rather hazy, nothing is really explained and that just adds salt to the wounds of an already dismal film.
By now your probably thinking "how come you gave it 2 stars then?" the answer there would be, although the film isnt very good, it does have a few good moments, and that's what got it the extra star.

It is reasonable to describe this movie as Big Brother done with the style of the Blair Witch Project, although it would be unfair to label this movie as a Blair Witch Project seeing as how it implies that every horror movie done in a `documentary/realism' style with unusual camera positions is an actual homage to that movie.

Set-up here is pretty simple: 5 people in a house. Must stay in house for six months. Cannot ever leave the house at night. If any one person leaves they all lose and do not get the one million dollars awaiting them at the end. Grand. However, surprise ahoy, things start going weird towards the end and they must begin to wonder: Who is paying to view them? Why are they bothered? And will any of them survive?

Problems with the movie abound. Firstly we've dull characters. Some are so dull they blend into one another and become hard to distinguish, which is rather unfortunate since we're meant to. Only one character - the paranoid cynic - had any `depth' to them and their role was way too obvious. Sorry you can't misdirect me like that, I've seen it before and done better. Secondly we've got the structure of the movie. The first two-thirds are a hit and miss affair with tension. The `jump' moments are too sparse, too unconnected. There's an atmosphere built up by them, which has dissipated too much before the next event. It doesn't create unease so much as a greater indifference towards the movie. The final third is too derivative of the `hack-and-slash' genre and adds nothing to it except for an ending, which I admittedly enjoyed.

It's not all bad though. There is the way the movie is done. It's viewed primarily through web cams. Thus we're treated to some interesting point-of-views and techniques as the cameras focus on the participants. There's a nice night-vision element where everyone is in green with eerily lit eyes. There're also some nice sounds via a white noise effect. Some found this grating, but I found it more effective in creating a sense of things being off kilter than the traditional orchestral effect. There's an ending which made me smile and, despite their scarcity, one or two relatively decent `jump' moments. The sense of it being just that bit different helps lift it out of forgettable mediocrity but it cannot elevate it to a description of being good. I think a 5.8/10 is about fair.

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