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 Stolen Summer / Украденное лето

Режиссер: Pete Jones (I)

Страна: USA

Жанр: Drama

Год выпуска: 2002

Актеры: Aidan Quinn (as Joe O'Malley), Bonnie Hunt (as Margaret O'Malley), Kevin Pollak (as Rabbi Jacobsen), Brian Dennehy (as Father Kelly), Eddie Kaye Thomas (as Patrick O'Malley), Adiel Stein (as Pete O'Malley), Mike Weinberg (as Danny Jacobsen), Annabel Armour (as Smoking Woman), Amara Balthrop-Lewis (as Carly), Etel Billig (as Esther), John Connolly (III) (as Roger O'Malley), David Costabile (as Doctor), Lisa Dodson (as Mrs. Jacobsen), Frank Fowle (as Bobby), Howard Friedland (as Jeffrey Jacobsen), Dana Lynne Gilhooley (as Annie), Kate Hendrickson (as Nancy), Martin Hughes (II) (as Jimmy), Kristie Kelley (as Mary O'Malley), Ryan Kelley (I) (as Seamus O'Malley), Blake Leverence (as Tommy O'Malley), Lindsay Light (as Katie O'Malley), Will Malnati (as Eddie O'Malley (as William Malnati)), Joseph Martinez-McWhorter (as Kevin), Peggy Roeder (as Nun), John Sierros (as Jack)

Фильм - участник фестиваля в Сандэнсе.
Однажды летом два мальчугана из Чикаго, Пит и Дэнни, задумались: как гарантировать себе попадание в рай? Ведь как сказал Питу отец, туда берут далеко не всех, а только лучших. Поняв вопрос по-своему, друзья устраивают различные испытания, чтобы заслужить билет на Небеса..

Let me start by saying that I watched "Project Greenlight" on HBO. I loved the series. I was hooked. I was very interested to see what the final result would be.

Stolen Summer FINALLY came to the Pacific Northwest last weekend. I saw the first showing. It was worth my time.

Anyone who is reading this already knows what the movie is about, so I won't go into the plot. Let it suffice to say that it was a sweet, touching, heartfelt movie. Ok, it was a bit trite at times, but it was almost a relief. So many movies today are violent and in-your-face. Stolen Summer wasn't like that. It made you think. Although the HBO series "Project Greenlight" was a bit more entertaining, the movie was still worth the four hour drive to get there. Aidan Quinn, Bonnie Hunt, and Kevin Pollock were excellent in their roles.

Good luck to Pete Jones in his future movies. He is a talented writer.

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