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 Quiet American, The / Тихий американец

Режиссер: Phillip Noyce

Страна: USA

Жанр: Drama

Год выпуска: 2002

Актеры: Michael Caine (as Thomas Fowler), Brendan Fraser (as Alden Pyle), Do Thi Hai Yen (as Phuong), Rade Serbedzija (as Inspector Vigot), Tzi Ma (as Hinh), Robert Stanton (II) (as Joe Tunney), Holmes Osborne (as Bill Granger), Quang Hai (as General Thй), Ferdinand Hoang (as Mr. Muoi), Pham Thi Mai Hoa (as Phuong's Sister), Mathias Mlekuz (as French Captain), Kevin Tran (as Watch Tower Soldier), Lap Phan (as Watch Tower Soldier), Tim Bennett (III) (as American Photographer), Jeff Truman (I) (as Dancing American)

Сайгон, 1952 г. Опытный британский журналист Томас Фаулер живет в экзотическом восточном раю, найдя свое счастье в объятиях юной красавицы Фонг. Приезд молодого американца Пайла развеивает скуку Томаса, уставшего от местных политических стычек и интриг, но когда Пайл признается, что страстно любит Фонг, их дружба превращается в острое противостояние. Не желая подчиняться судьбе, Фаулер решает получше узнать Пайла и вскоре понимает, что его соперник намного опаснее, чем кажется на первый взгляд…

Блистательный детективный триллер непревзойденного Филлипа Нойса ("Игры патриотов", "Прямая и явная угроза", "Власть страха", "Клетка для кроликов") снят по знаменитому роману Грэма Грина о страсти, ненависти и тайных интригах хладнокровных шпионов и пылких любовников. Музыку к фильму написал Крэйг Армстронг ("Мулен Руж" - премия "Золотой глобус"; "Ромео + Джульетта"). В главных ролях: обладатель двух "Оскаров", непревзойденный Майкл Кейн ("Правила виноделов", "Последние желания"), удостоенный за роль в этом фильме номинаций на премии "Оскар", "Золотой глобус" и BAFTA, блистательный Брендан Фрэйзер ("Мумия-1, 2", "Боги и монстры", "Ослепленный желаниями") и Раде Сербеджиа ("Святой", "Большой куш").

Leaving aside the historical baggage, this is a pretty good film in its own right. Because it is closer to Graham Greene's original novel it has more of its defects eg the weak portrayal of some of the Vietnamese characters, particularly the doll-like Phuong, who becomes both Fowler and Pyle's lover, and the rather melodramatic plot, recycled from one of Greene's early novels. But Michael Caine as the cynical old English journalist Fowler and Brendan Fraser as the idealistic and ruthless American Pyle are a great pairing and will hold your attention throughout.

Michael Caine is often accused of always being the same in his movies. Here, his Fowler has a touch of the Billingsgate accent, but Caine gives us such a careful and measured performance that the man from Billingsgate really does seem to be the Saigon correspondent of that pillar of the English establishment, `The Times.' Brendan Fraser's previous record as a portrayer of buffoons (George of the Jungle etc) is cast aside, and he looks and sounds exactly right as the crusading and ultimately dangerous Pyle. Incidentally, Pyle is not based on Colonel Ed Lansdale, who had not been to Vietnam by the time Greene visited. Although some characteristics are taken from people Greene met, Pyle is a true literary creation, and all the more universal for it. If you want to understand the name, think `pain in the bum.' I also liked Tzi Ma as Fowler's assistant Hinh, he with the contacts in some pretty scary places. He has one of the best lines in the movie: `You become human when you decide what side you are on.'

The `end of an era' atmosphere is terrific – the House of 500 Women, the taxi-dancing club, the twittering French and American wives in the verandah cafe of the Hotel Continental, the glistening harbour at night. Phil Noyce got full co-operation from the present Vietnamese government (and used a large skilled Vietnamese crew) and the location shooting is all one could wish for. The death and destruction portrayed is gut-wrenchingly realistic.

I read somewhere that Phil Noyce claims the only book available for sale in the Ho Chi Minh museum in Hanoi apart from Ho's autobiography is `the Quiet American.' The irony here is that Greene did indeed manage to interview Ho for the `Sunday Times' in the early 1950s but he also sent a full report on the encounter to his old employers, MI6. Greene's sympathies tended to be a little divided. If you wish to explore Greeneland a little further I recommend Michael Shelden's `The Man Within' Heinemann 1994. If you just want an engrossing and intriguing story this film has it.

Время: 94 мин
Дисков: 2 шт
Video format: DivX 5
Audio format: AC3
Разрешение: 640x480
Размер: 699+701 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский
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