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 Life of David Gale, The / Жизнь Дэвида Гейла

Режиссер: Alan Parker

Страна: USA

Жанр: Drama

Год выпуска: 2003

Актеры: Kevin Spacey (as David Gale), Kate Winslet (as Elizabeth 'Bitsey' Bloom), Laura Linney (as Constance Harraway), Gabriel Mann (as Zack Stemmons), Matt Craven (as Dusty Rhodes), Leon Rippy (as Braxton Belyeu), Rhona Mitra (as Berlin), Melissa McCarthy (as Goth Girl/Nico), Jim Beaver (as Duke Grover), Cleo King (as Barbara Kreuster), Constance Jones (as Reporter A.J. Roberts), Lee Ritchey (as Joe Mullarkey), Brandy Little (as Motel Waitress), Cindy Waite (as Margie), Jesse De Luna (as Supervising Guard)

Профессор Техасского университета доктор Гейл – рьяный противник смертной казни – сам попадает в камеру смертников по ложному обвинении в изнасиловании и убийстве. Он упорно отказывается пролить свет на обстоятельства дела и лишь за три дня до назначенного дня казни рассказывает свою версию происшедшего репортерше – охотнице за сенсацией. Врет осужденный или говорит правду? Виновен он или умрет безвинным? Журналистка понимает, что в ее руках – жизнь человека, и, несмотря на угрозу собственной безопасности, пытается разобраться и предотвратить неповторимое...

`The Life of David Gale' is an equal opportunity offender in that it makes both those who support and those who oppose the death penalty look equally venal, conniving and foolish. I don't think that was the INTENTION of writer Charles Randolph and director Alan Parker - since the theme of the film is based on the premise that an innocent man can indeed be falsely executed - but that is the unfortunate impression we are left with once the bizarre plot twists and convolutions have played themselves out.

It is four days before David Gale (Kevin Spacey), an ex-college professor convicted of raping and killing a female colleague (Laura Linney), is scheduled for execution. The twist is that Gale used to be one of the most vocal opponents against capital punishment in all of Texas, and now he is on Death Row. Catch the irony? Gale has decided to open up to a single reporter, `Bitsey' Bloom (Kate Winslet), in an attempt to have her go out and prove his innocence, if not for his own sake, at least for the sake of his young son. The film becomes a typical race-against-time melodrama with Bitsey and her cohort, intern reporter Zack (Gabriel Mann), piecing together the clues as to what actually happened on that fateful day years earlier, in an effort to stave off the inevitable while the clock ticks down and the wheels of Texas justice grind inexorably on.

`The Life of David Gale' is a reasonably entertaining thriller provided you don't apply too much common sense or logic to the matters at hand. In fact, the film's admittedly absurd plot contrivances do manage to keep us guessing most of the way through. Spacey, Winslet and Linney give it their all, even if that means occasionally going over the top to match the overheated nature of the material they have to work with. My biggest complaint with the film is that the overly clever denouement, though it serves its purpose as an acceptable `shocker,' really undercuts the entire film we have just sat through since it turns Gale into a complete and utter liar in terms of everything he has said up to that point. What purpose is served by having him pour out this tale of innocence to Bitsey if he knows she is going to find out the truth later on anyway? It's really a case of a convicted man inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on an innocent party who just wants to help him. (Protecting the son's memory of him seems a tenuous reason at best). Besides, the duplicity underlying the abolitionists' actions would more likely turn the general public AGAINST their cause than win it many new converts. Even though the filmmakers' sympathies obviously lie with those upholding the anti-capital punishment position, the `sincere' protestors depicted in the film don't always seem like the sharpest tools in the shed.

`The Life of David Gale' has its moments as social drama fantasy, but for a real, serious study of the death penalty issue, check out the great `Dead Man Walking' instead.

Время: 127 мин
Дисков: 2 шт
Video format: DivX 5
Audio format: AC3/MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 608x256
Размер: 699+701 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский,English
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/life of david gale, the .jpg

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