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 Veuve de Saint-Pierre, La (Widow of Saint-Pierre, The) / Вдова с острова Сан-Пьер

Режиссер: Patrice Leconte

Страна: France

Жанр: Drama

Год выпуска: 2000

Актеры: Juliette Binoche (as Pauline (Madame La)), Daniel Auteuil (as Jean (The Captain)), Emir Kusturica (as Ariel Neel Auguste), Michel Duchaussoy (as The Governor), Philippe Magnan (as President Venot), Christian Charmetant (as Supply and Secretariat Officer), Philippe Du Janerand (as Customs Officer), Maurice Chevit (as The Governor's Father), Catherine Lascault (as La Malvilain), Ghyslain Tremblay (as Monsieur Chevassus), Marc Bйland (as Soldier Loпc), Reynald Bouchard (as Louis Ollivier), Yves Jacques (as The Rear Admiral), Dominique Quesnel (as The Proprietor), Anne-Marie Philipe (as The Governor's Wife)

Перед вами скорбное повествование о трагических событиях, произошедших в середине XIX века на французском острове Сан-Пьер, где за совершение жестокого убийства был приговорен к смерти простой моряк Нил Огюст. Однако казнить преступника без гильотины было невозможно, поэтому за ней отправили гонца на Мартинику, а приговоренного заперли в военной крепости под присмотром мужественного капитана и его очаровательной супруги, которая дала Нилу шанс искупить свои грехи честным трудом. Вскоре весь остров полюбил раскаявшегося дебошира, и никто не захотел стать его палачом. Но быстрый корабль с деревянной "вдовой" на борту уже приближается к Сан-Пьеру. Кто же опустит ее острое лезвие на шею моряка? Смогут ли капитан и его жена защитить своего несчастного подопечного?

В новой пронзительной драме прославленного французского режиссера Патриса Леконта ("Девушка на мосту", "Один шанс на двоих", "Специалисты"), украшенной блистательной операторской работой гениального Эдуарда Сэрра, работающего с Люком Бессоном, снялись великолепные французские актеры Даниэль Отой ("Хамелеон", "Маркиз де Сад", "К бою!"), Жюльетт Бинош ("Шоколад", "Английский пациент", "Дети века"), а роль Нила исполнил знаменитый режиссер, актер и музыкант Эмир Кустурица ("Черная кошка, белый кот", "Подполье", "Время цыган", "Сны Аризоны")

An earlier writer was right - this IS cinema de qualite, fifty years after. For those who don't know, "cinema de qualite" was a phrase coined by one of the New Wave critics (I think it was Truffaut, but don't quote me) to express contempt for what he and his colleagues perceived to be the overly glossy, empty product typical of 1950s French cinema. Yes, well. The New Wave fizzled out after producing little of value, and the 1950s (no doubt its faults were real enough; Truffaut probably came close to seeing every single French film of that decade, so in one respect he'd be in a position to know) is looking more and more like a golden age, so maybe the phrase "cinema de qualite" is about due to be reclaimed. "Quality cinema", without the sarcastic sneer.

There are many lush camera pans over bleakly attractive scenery, which is good (not bad) in itself; but the main point is, Leconte USES the scenery. We don't doubt for a minute that this is the farthest-flung province in the entire French empire. The sea is rough (which partly explains why the murderer rows back to face execution: when every oar stroke is an effort, AND it looks to him as though he's doing the cowardly thing, the effort becomes unbearable). Every section of the island not actively occupied by civilisation feels as though it doesn't belong to civilisation - even though it's so desolate it doesn't belong to anything else, either. In short: the story clearly belongs here, and nowhere else.

One of the great things about this film is the way it shows people acting (in a plausible way) on desires which it's easy to overlook or underestimate the force of. The husband trusts his wife's moral judgment, and is prepared to act on it. The murderer feels as though he's living under a just sentence of death and does what he can to redeem himself. The islanders are all pragmatists: at the start they believe in the value of retributive justice, but as the sheer uselessness of retributive justice becomes more obvious with each passing day, for MONTHS, the belief collapses under the strain of holding on to it. It's partly due to Leconte's skilled use of location that we're aware of the effect the mere passage of time has on people. One of the best films of 2000, if you ask me.

Время: 112 мин
Дисков: 2 шт
Video format: DivX 3.11 Low Motion
Audio format: AC3
Разрешение: 704x288
Размер: 655+655 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/veuve de saint-pierre, la (widow of saint-pierre, the).jpg

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