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 Shanghai Knights / Шанхайские рыцари

Режиссер: David Dobkin

Страна: USA

Жанр: Action

Год выпуска: 2003

Актеры: Jackie Chan (as Chon Wang), Owen Wilson (as Roy O'Bannon), Donnie Yen (as Wu Chow), Aidan Gillen (as Lord Nelson Rathbone), Fann Wong (as Chon Lin), Tom Fisher (I) (as Artie Doyle), Gemma Jones (as Queen Victoria), Aaron Johnson (III) (as Charlie Chaplin), Kim Chan (as Chon Wang's Father), Constantine Gregory (as The Mayor), Oliver Cotton (as Jack the Ripper), Jonathan Harvey (I) (as Fagin #1), Richard Haas (I) (as Street Preacher), John Owens (I) (as Server), Anna-Louise Plowman (as Debutante #1)

Герои "Шанхайского полдня" Чон Вонг и Рой О'Бэннон - вновь в строю! Какой-то китайский бандит (Йен) убивает отца Чона (Чан) и удаляется в направлении Британских островов. Чон и Рой (Уилсон) садятся ему на хвост с надеждой догнать и отомстить. Сестра Чона, Лин (Вонг), тоже хочет наказать мерзавца, и по ходу дела раскрывает мировой заговор, цель которого - убийство британской королевской семьи. Когда она пытается поделиться своим открытием с добрыми людьми, ей никто не верит. С помощью отзывчивого инспектора Скотланд-Ярда и 10-летнего уличного лондонского бродяги Чон Вонг пытается восстановить справедливость присущими ему актробатическими методами. У него есть еще и дополнительная проблема: ему надо уберечь свою сестру от дружка Роя, который неожиданно превратился в ее воздыхателя.

My personal enjoyment rating: 10 out of 10

My recommendation rating: 10 out of 10. Explanation of recommendation rating: "A must see for everyone with a serious or casual interest in film and anyone else who is not averse to or doesn't otherwise philosophically object to the genre."

Just what happened to Jack the Ripper? How did Arthur Conan Doyle come up with the name Sherlock Holmes? Why was he knighted? What is the true story of Charlie Chaplin's background? Why does Chon Wang become a movie star? What should you do if you're having a pillow fight with 15 or so prostitutes and a romantic interest and/or relative shows up? You'll learn all of this and more in Shanghai Knights, the fantastic, hilarious sequel to Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson's 2000 hit, Shanghai Noon.

On a much simpler level, the premise goes like this: Wang (Chan) and Roy O'Bannon (Wilson) have gone their separate ways, Wang to a cushy job in Nevada, and O'Bannon doing his best to live a cushy life in New York City. When something happens to the seal of the Emperor of China, for which Wang's father is the keeper, Wang is summoned to help set everything back to normal. So he heads off to New York City to retrieve money that O'Bannon has invested for him, and they both end up leaving the States together on a series of foreign, comic misadventures, complete with plenty of inventive butt-kicking, to fix the problem with the seal.

There are three main contributors to the success of Shanghai Knights-Wilson, Chan, and the script by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. The more I experience Owen Wilson, the more I like him, and I thought he was incomparable all the way back to the first time I really noticed him, in the remake of The Haunting. Although he is excellent in serious roles (The Minus Man particularly stands out for me), he has an incredibly natural gift for quirky, intelligent comedy, as we've seen in Meet the Parents, Zoolander, and The Royal Tenenbaums. Since I'm a big fan of Chris Tucker, as well, I'm uncomfortable saying that Wilson is the best possible comic match-up for Chan--he's just different. Whereas Tucker is obviously over-the-top (in a good way), Wilson is much more understated and intellectual--his forte is humor that is smart, contextual, and conceptual.

Chan's choreography of martial arts fight scenes has always contained elements of both quick and intricate Three Stooges-like physical comedy, as well as a dance-like quality. He doesn't disappoint on either front here, and even makes these characteristics a bit more explicit at times--for example with an extended, very literal reference to Singin' in the Rain. Chan has long shown that he has a knack for humorous roles, as well, and Shanghai Knights fits into a `magic formula for success' that's he's happened upon recently with just the right mixture of action, comedy and martial arts. With Tucker, this is leading to Rush Hour 4, and hopefully we'll see a further Shanghai entry in the future as well.

As for the script, Gough and Millar have done an incredible job of achieving what I would call `transparency'. By that, I mean that Shanghai Knights doesn't play as if we're watching actors perform a script, but as if we're set into a world that really exists (or that existed in this case), and we're just watching two entertaining personalities be themselves. For all I know, both Chan and Wilson could have just been told--`get in front of the camera and do your thing'. In other words, you can't imagine their lines being said by anyone else--as far as we know, that _is_ exactly how Chan and Wilson are in real life. So to the extent that the parts were actually scripted, they were scripted perfectly, for these two personalities. It makes a naturalism obtain that draws the viewer that much further into the world of the film, and that causes you to both laugh more and care more about the fate of the characters.

To some people, it might be a negative that in a sense, we're not really getting anything new here--if you know Chan's films, or Wilson's comic films, or of course if you've seen Shanghai Noon, you pretty much know what to expect, and you can pretty much guess who is going to be safe at the end of Shanghai Knights as soon as you meet the characters. But these films, like Chan's Rush Hour films, aren't intended to be challenging, artistic innovators with uncomfortable endings, and it wouldn't speak well of anyone's intelligence to venture into them expecting something like that. Instead, they are entertaining, hilarious, and breathtakingly choreographed exemplars of a genre that Chan has practically invented. Shanghai Knights certainly doesn't suffer for being another non-flawed entry in that oeuvre.

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