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 Contender, The / Претендент

Режиссер: Rod Lurie

Страна: USA

Жанр: Drama

Год выпуска: 2000

Актеры: Gary Oldman (as Rep. Sheldon 'Shelly' Runyon), Joan Allen (as Sen. Laine Hanson), Jeff Bridges (as President Jackson Evans), Christian Slater (as Rep. Reginald Webster), Sam Elliott (as Kermit Newman), William L. Petersen (as Gov. Jack Hathaway), Saul Rubinek (as Jerry Tolliver), Philip Baker Hall (as Oscar Billings), Mike Binder (as Lewis Hollis), Robin Thomas (I) (as William Hanson), Mariel Hemingway (as Cynthia Charlton Lee), Kathryn Morris (I) (as Special Agent Paige Willomina), Kristen Shaw (as Fiona Hathaway), Douglas Urbanski (as Makerowitz), Noah Fryrear (as Timmy)

Политический триллер.
Президент США Джексон Ивэнс, которому вскоре предстоит покинуть Белый дом, желая навсегда остаться в истории страны, выдвигает на пост скончавшегося вице-президента женщину, сенатора Лэйн Хенсон, вызывая этим сенсационным решением бурные дебаты в правительстве и обществе. Ему решительно противостоит конгрессмен Шелдон Раньон, у которого есть свой кандидат на этот пост. Наплевав на моральные и этические нормы, он придает гласности факты распутного поведения Лэйн Хенсон в студенческие годы, стремясь "похоронить" сенатора любыми, даже самыми грязными средствами. Теперь умной и порядочной женщине, поставленной перед самым трудным выбором в ее жизни, предстоит решить – сойти ли ей с политической арены, навсегда запятнав себя позором, или продолжить борьбу, противостоя могущественным и безжалостным врагам.

В захватывающем политическом триллере Рода Лурье ("Последний замок"), признанном многими авторитетными критиками одним из лучших фильмов этого жанра за последние годы и удостоенном номинации на премию "Оскар", замечательно сыграли известнейшие актеры: Гэри Олдман ("Затерянные в космосе", "Пятый элемент", "Леон"), Джоан Аллен ("Плезантвиль", "Без лица", "Ледяной ветер"), Джефф Бриджес ("Симпатико", "Дорога на Арлингтон", "Большой Лебовски"), Кристиан Слэйтер ("Очень дикие штучки", "Ливень", "Сломанная стрела").



"Contender" was specifically written for Joan Allen for the writer/director's admiration of her skills. The VP has died 3 weeks earlier and it is time to nominate a new one. President is played by Jeff Bridges and the evil senator expertly played by Gary Oldman. Christian Slater is the junior congressman who is idealistic.

I'll mention the "flaw" right upfront. The author/director is an atheist and uses this film as a way of expounding on his beliefs. In scenes on the tennis court, in the hospital (deleted scenes on the DVD), and during the hearings he goes outside the normal bounds of the script to inject his atheistic views in a way that is not central to the movie, and I object to this in the same way I object to gratuitous sex or violence in movies. To me, that is NOT honest film-making.

The VP confirmation is stalled by old college-days reports of a type of "fraternity orgy" she allegedly was in, including photos and witnesses. Her principles prevent her from dignifying the allegations with a comment, because its validity should not be relevant to her confirmation. In a private scene she coments that if she were a man, her sexual partners as a college student would not be a factor.

The evil senator is determined to destroy her, by any means, because her views are opposed to his, and he simply does not think she is fit for the job as VP, or worse, eventual POTUS. So, the heart of the movie is about that struggle.

A side story is about the governor who most others think is the obvious choice for VP. Turns out that he had set up a film-opening scene where a car plunges off the elevated highway into the water so that he could jump from his fishing boat, with a reporter as a witness, and save the lady passenger thus becoming a hero and a shoo-in for both the VP job and eventual POTUS. However, they screw it up and she drowns. A thorough follow-up investigation exposes this, and ultimately helps the confirmation of the female VP.

Turns out that she had never been guilty of the sexual activity in college, and had her own witnesses to verify that, but she insisted that it not come up because it still should not be an issue. "Principles are not really principles if you don't stick to them when it isn't convenient."

I give the movie a rating of "7" of 10, and could have been better if the author/director had kept his religious views out of it. The DVD is good, with extras including deleted scenes and a "making of". It has both DD 5.1 and DTS surround sound tracks.

Время: 124 мин
Дисков: 1 шт
Video format: DivX 3.11 Low Motion
Audio format: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 640x352
Размер: 683 Mb
Перевод: Перевод
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/contender, the.jpg

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