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 Julius Caesar / Юлий Цезарь

Режиссер: Uli Edel

Страна: USA

Жанр: Drama

Год выпуска: 2002

Актеры: Jeremy Sisto (as Julius Caesar), Richard Harris (as Lucius Sulla), David Langham (as Play Actor), Christopher Walken (as Marcus Cato), Valeria Golino (as Calpurnia), Chris Noth (as Pompey (as Christopher Noth)), Pamela Bowen (as Aurelia), Heino Ferch (as Vercingetorix), Tobias Moretti (as Caius Cassius), Samuela Sardo (as Cleopatra), Daniela Piazza (as Cornelia), Nicole Grimaudo (as Julia), Sean Pertwee (as Labienus), Paolo Briguglia (as Marcus Brutus), Kate Steavenson-Payne (as Portia)

Фильм повествует о жизни великого Римского Императора Юлия Цезаря. Но это не просто эпитафия знаменитому оратору, политику, военачальнику и диктатору Великой Римской Империи. Это трагедия мужчины, пережившего смерть любимой женщины и трагедия Императора. Пожертвовавшего любовью египетской царицы Клеопатры ради могущества своей страны.

" Юлий Цезарь" - это история борьбы любви и долга, воли и желаний, амбиций и законов, борьбы с богами и людьми за могущество и величие своей страны.

The name Julius Caesar is right up there with, say...Madonna, Elvis, Jesus Christ, John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor...in other words, it's a name we know almost before we can walk and talk.

In the 2002 miniseries CAESAR, first released in Europe, we are given a surprisingly good history lesson about this household name. I admit to never having read any of Shakespeare's play versions, and also to never having read any book by Colleen McCollough. Neither have I ever seen any television or film of the story, not even the huge epic CLEOPATRA with the aforementioned Ms. Taylor, or the semi recent mini about the doomed Queen with Billy Zane and Leonora Varela.

So I have nothing to compare CAESAR with. Nevertheless, I am quite satisfied that I was given an accurate historical salute to Rome's most infamous figure. The story begins with a young father, barely in his late teens, frightened and outraged with the ruthlessness of Sulla (the late, great Richard Harris, whose most famous role is arguably Dumbledore of the Harry Potter movies), the corrupt dictator who mercilessly kills anyone he believes opposes him. He has killed Caesar's father in law, Cinna, and because Caesar tried to assist in Cinna's escape, he was branded a new outlaw. Like many a wicked queen in fairy tales, the evil Sulla commands his Army General Marius Pompey (Chris Noth) to bring Caesar's heart to him. Instead, Pompey, impressed by Caesar's refusal to kowtow to Sulla's command to divorce his wife Cornelia, helps Caesar escape to Bithynia.

Later, after having been ransomed from pirates and living in Bithynia, the young Caesar returns to his rightful home and to his now ailing wife. He brings a Greek slave, Appolonius, to educate his pre-teen daughter Julia. After Cornelia dies (one thing I was curious about...what did she die from???), Julia is Caesar's whole life. To repay Pompey for his kindness and mercy, Caesar swears friendship to him and is instrumental to getting Pompey the honorable duty of getting rid of pirates who have cut off the grain supply for Rome's food. Years later, their friendship is more tightly bound when Julia weds Pompey. As a price, Caesar asks Pompey for his Army to ascend on the long haired Gauls, north of Rome, and Pompey agrees. And one cannot feel that Julia was "bought" like a piece of livestock...the whole thing is HER idea!!! : )

Before leaving for Gaul, Caesar meets Calpurnia, a beautiful and adorable clumsy woman with cedar green eyes and curly red hair. I think she ended up being my favorite character, not only because she was so enchanting personality wise, but later because she proved she was the kind of woman I HAD to respect.

For eight long years, Caesar and his army occupy Gaul, stubbornly refusing to give up their position, building walls around Alesia to keep the Gauls' allies out and to starve the Gauls into surrendering their rich land to Rome. This is where you begin to see the ruthlessness of Caesar. Instead of giving up and going home, he is willing to let the Gauls starve their own women and children to prevent their supplies from dwindling any further or any quicker than absolutely necessary. At last, the Gauls surrender all.

But victories do not come without some price attached. Both Caesar and Vercingetorix, the leader of the Gauls, are haunted by the cries of women and children who starved and died on account of their war. Harsh realities about the greedy nature of men abound here. During the war, Caesar's precious daughter dies in childbirth. One wonders if he regreted being home with her instead of trying to expand the empire of Roma. Is wealth and expansion really a better thing than living life with simple joys and pleasures, and even sadness, like at least BEING THERE when your daughter and grandson die. This is shown to be a breaking point in the life of Caesar, and from then on, he is changed.

Members of the Senate are of mixed emotions about Caesar's battles and victories in Gaul. Some support him enthusiastically. Others, such as Cato (Christopher Walken) and Cassius (who resented Caesar since the commission of Gaul was given to him in exchange for Pompey having Julia as a wife), are terrified that Caesar will become the next Sulla, the next ruthless dictator who will come across the Rubicon River and take Rome back into evil and corruption. Pompey, having lost Julia in childbirth, no longer feels like he can trust the man he sent to Gaul, and flees to Greece. Cato takes his son Marcus and goes to Ithaca.

Calpurnia has her husband back only a short time before he is driven to chase his two enemies. Caesar ends up in Alexandria, Egypt, home of the 12 year old boy Ptolemy and his older sister Cleopatra. Ptolemy's advisor, Pothinus, murders Pompey and presents his head to Caesar. Now the last reminder of his beloved Julia is gone, and you see Caesar lose a bit more of his sanity, and you know Julia's death is something he can't get over.

As much as I liked Calpurnia, I disliked Cleopatra. She was everything Calpurnia was not, and that's good. Calpurnia was noble, loyal, caring, and her love for Caesar was genuine. Cleopatra was an ambitious, scheming social climber who was only using Caesar to help her achieve her ends. She asks him to make her Queen of Egypt, and to unite the two lands to make the most powerful empire of all time. Of course, the scheming seductress gets her way, and before you can say, "Liar!!!" She and Caesar have a son, Caesarion, and the Senate throws up their hands and howl in protest. Now they are certain Caesar wants to re-establish monarchy in Rome and do away with democracy and the conventions of modern government. More and more, he appears to be planning to be another Sulla. A conspiracy is born, and a prophetic older man warns Caesar, "Beware the Ides of March!!!"

Calpurnia is incensed that her husband has dishonored her. I loved it when she said, "Between you and Cleopatra, I don't know WHO is the concubine!!!" Go girl!!! You tell 'em!!! : )

Alas, the old man's warnings were not heeded, even when Calpurnia warned Caesar that she had an awful nightmare that he was stabbed to death, and on March 15, 44 BC, the prophecy and the nightmare came true.

The cast is perfect and the characters colorful. Jeremy Sisto did an immaculate job as Caesar (I dare to say I think he was even better in this than in the superb miniseries Jesus!!!) He made this collosal historial icon into a human being, just as he did in the Jesus mini. Ambitious, courageous, stubborn, more than a little greedy for power and dominion, yet sad, fragile, regretful at times, and perhaps more than a little mindful that in the end, world power is not nearly as important or as rewarding, as living a good, honest life, and being with your loved ones and sharing life with them, rather than chasing your ideals all over the world.

I give it an A at least!!!

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