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 Life Stinks / Жизнь дерьмо

Режиссер: Mel Brooks

Страна: USA

Жанр: Comedy

Год выпуска: 1991

Актеры: Mel Brooks (as Goddard 'Pepto' Bolt), Lesley Ann Warren (as Molly), Jeffrey Tambor (as Vance Crasswell), Stuart Pankin (as Pritchard), Howard Morris (as Sailor), Rudy De Luca (as J. Paul Getty), Teddy Wilson (I) (as Fumes), Michael Ensign (as Knowles), Matthew Faison (as Stevens), Billy Barty (as Willy), Brian Thompson (I) (as Mean Victor), Raymond O'Connor (as Yo), Carmine Caridi (as Flophouse Owner), Sammy Shore (as Reverend at Wedding), Frank Roman (I) (as Spanish Interpreter)

Мультимиллионер Годдард Болт (Брукс) заключает пари со своим соперником. Если он выиграет пари, то получит право на застройку бедного квартала Лос-Анджелеса. По условию пари он должен прожить 30 дней без денег и документов на улицах этого квартала. Принцу в стране нищих приходится очень туго, да вдобавок продажные юристы подставят ему роковую подножку. Все, конечно, закончится благополучно в этой нетипичной для Брукса социальной черной комедии. (Иванов М.)

This movie was a kinda turn for Mel Brooks. It was a return to his days of old, when his stories were not raunchy spoofs but human relationship comedies. However, there is one major difference between THE 12 CHAIRS and LIFE STINKS- the first one is funny, the latter is not. Very simple. Some people whether or not homelessness is a good source of comedy. Well, maybe. I don't know. It's been used to good advantage before in SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS- but maybe because the characters there are cleaned up by the censors of the day. In SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS(1942) there are no drug addicts, pimps, homosexuals, murderers, or lawyers to be found. In LIFE STINKS (1991) we are confronted with meaner streets, but, maybe unfortunately, not all THAT mean. The movie could've worked better if the streets were obviously the MEAN STREETS of a Martin Scorsese picture. But the bums here are the type you'd expect to meet in a Charlie Chaplin picture. At the same time, there are scenes where it seems depressing. I felt depressed watching this movie indeed. The scene where the sleezy business man bribed the lawyers to convince Brooks that all his hard work was for naught is merciless. Overall, Brooks seemed to want to attempt another human values comedy, but like before, failed miserably at the box office and with the public. His films seem to be getting worse and worse, though they DEFINITELY follow a "good-bad-good-bad" pattern.

Время: 89 мин
Дисков: 2 шт
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Разрешение: 672x352
Размер: 701+701 Mb
Перевод: Перевод
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