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 Quest for Camelot / Волшебный меч

Режиссер: Frederik Du Chau

Страна: USA

Жанр: Animation

Год выпуска: 1998

Актеры: Jessalyn Gilsig (as Kayley (voice)), Andrea Corr (as Kayley (singing) (singing voice)), Cary Elwes (as Garrett (voice)), Bryan White (as Garrett (singing) (singing voice)), Gary Oldman (as Baron Ruber (voice)), Don Rickles (as Cornwall, Two-Headed Dragon (voice)), Eric Idle (as Devon, Two-Headed Dragon (voice)), Jane Seymour (as Lady Juliana (voice)), Cйline Dion (as Lady Juliana (singing) (singing voice)), Pierce Brosnan (as King Arthur (voice)), Steve Perry (IV) (as King Arthur (singing) (singing voice)), John Gielgud (as Merlin (voice)), Bronson Pinchot (as The Griffin (voice)), Jaleel White (as Bladebeak (voice)), Gabriel Byrne (as Sir Lionel (voice))

Лайонел, отец девочки Кайли, погиб, защищая короля Артура от злого и жадного рыцаря Рубера, который хотел завладеть мечом Экскалибур и рыцарским замком Камелот. Девочка выросла, мечтая стать рыцарем, как ее отец. Волшебный грифон (фантастическое чудовище с туловищем льва, крыльями орла и головой орла или льва) похитил меч короля Артура для Рубера, но выронил его над Заповедным лесом после нападения сокола с серебряными крыльями. Рубер захватил Джулианну, мать Кайли, чтобы проникнуть в Камелот. Джулианна послала Кайли предупредить короля Артура, а храбрая девочка отправилась в Заповедный лес, чтобы найти меч и вернуть его королю. Там она встретила слепого юношу, который раньше служил в Камелоте на конюшне, и, спасая ее от пожара, ослеп. Вместе они ищут меч, знакомятся с забавным двухголовым драконом и побеждают злого Рубера. (Иванов М.)

This is a film that I have watched several times now with the kids and find myself enjoying it more each time.

Previous comments have compared it unfavourably to Disney but this seems unfair - it is clearly a separate product, darker and more cynical than the works of that other company. The song by dragons Devon and Cornwall - 'Without You'- stands in stark contrast to, say, the sentiments of 'You and Me Together' in Disney's Oliver and Company. Neither could I imagine Ruber, with his particular vein of sarcastic villainy, appearing in the products of that more family centred studio.

The weakest individual moment, for me at least, is anachronistic. Devon and Cornwall sing about their mutual hostility, and their song is animated with some twentieth century props and in-jokes. This is a jarring note in a film which otherwise tries to maintain some sort of historical integrity. It is funny but creates a disruption that is hard to forget. (More acceptable is the 'Do you feel clucky?' line later on)

There has been some criticism of the animation quality, and it does seem to vary. Some of the movements of animals, in particular, seem jumpy at a distance. However balancing out these weaknesses are such scenes as the evocation of a cold morning, when Kayley hears of her father's death, and Ruber's splendid witchcraft scene.

Overall the film suffers from being underwritten - one wishes more time was taken in filling out character and incident before the final attack on Camelot. Cayley and Garrett fall in love too easily, while Devon and Cornwall (delightfully witty and charming creations) have too little to do. And what happens to Merlin? He's reduced to flying a bird. It's a shame as other supporting characters, like the Gryphon and the axe chicken are very well judged, and completely memorable. More unforgivable is the character of King Arthur, who is just bland.

On the plus side, this is still a good film, utterly free of pretension. Ruber's magical creation of his henchman is a highlight, a demoniac sequence that is quite thrilling, a brilliant musical set piece that moves the plot forward, sparking huge suspense. His creations are delightfully original in themselves, frightening and intriguing in equal measure. Watching it again I was reminded of how little of this quality of real wonder appears in another non-Disney animation, Prince of Egypt - a much more favourably received work, and far more earnest in tone.

This Arthurian adventure can be quite revealing in comparison when taken this as an unofficial sequel to The Sword in The Stone, throwing stereotypical Disney values and methods into greater relief. In its own right it is very enjoyable in any case, although it could have been even better with some extended work on the script.

Время: 85 мин
Дисков: 1 шт
Video format: DivX 5
Audio format: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 448x240
Размер: 693 Mb
Перевод: Перевод
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/quest for camelot.jpg

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