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 Try Seventeen / Семнадцатилетие

Режиссер: Jeffrey Porter

Страна: Canada

Жанр: Comedy

Год выпуска: 2002

Актеры: Elijah Wood (as Jones), Franka Potente (as Jane), Mandy Moore (as Lisa), Chris Martin (as Steve (as Chris William Martin)), Deborah Harry (as Ma Mabley), Elizabeth Perkins (as Blanche), Aaron Pearl (as Brad), Aloma Wright (as Alicia), Andrew Jackson (as Guy), Malcolm Scott (as Randy), Frank C. Turner (as Custodian), Josh Byer (as Skinhead), Chad Faust (as Tough), Daniella Evangelista (as Girlfriend), Michael Roberds (as Clerk)

Приехав из глубинки учиться в престижном университете, Джоунс Диллон в первый же день сбегает от своего чудовищного соседа по комнате. Теперь он снимает уютную квартирку на окраине. Джоунс не знает, что ждет его впереди, но самостоятельная жизнь разжигает в нем жажду приключений. А уж новые друзья - забавный художник Брэд, начинающая актриса Лайза и фотограф Джейн со своими причудами и странностями - не дадут ему скучать. Вскоре юный романтик и фантазер понимает, что от своих соседей он узнает о жизни и любви больше, чем в самой отвязной студенческой тусовке!

Новая молодежная комедия Джеффри Портера ("Приключение в поезде") порадует всех любителей остроумного, первоклассного кино оригинальными режиссерскими находками и блистательной игрой кинозвезд. В ролях: Элайджа Вуд ("Властелин колец 1-3", "Столкновение с бездной", "Ледяная буря"), Франка Потенте ("Беги, Лола, беги", "Идентификация Борна", "Принцесса и воин", "Анатомия 1, 2", "Кокаин"), Мэнди Мур ("Спеши любить"), Элизабет Перкинс ("Флинстоуны", "28 дней")

I bought this DVD because it featured Franka Potente, and I am a huge fan of her work. I should not have been surprised to find that she turns in the only noteworthy performance and that her presence is the only thing that kept me from tossing a chair into the television screen.

Films like this bother me, and its obvious to see now why this never got a theatrical release. "All I Want" treads water in a sea of cliches, it features some terrible, awful acting from just about everybody, and it offers absolutely nothing in terms of pure entertainment. Predictability is in and throughout the film, and the director is trying to make something happen in terms of sexual chemistry, slapstick humour and dialogue that is not even remotely convincing.

Furtheremore, this film illustrates the sham that is Elijah Wood. Hate to break it to the teeny bopper squad out there, but the fact Elijah Wood is a payed and popular actor in Hollywood is a sign of Hollywood's total and utter decay. There are probably at least 1,000 other more talented male actors who could have taken on this role and given it more than the "furrowed brow-im confused-what is happening-this is all so new-oh golly gosh" expression that he kept delivering time after time in every scene. It just got boring watching him trip over this mindless material and after awhile it got plain obnoxious. He is overrated on every level and this film reinforces that belief.

Mandy Moore doesnt get a whole lot of screen time, which was surprising, but once again, its obvious why: she is at best a mediocre actress. The backup cast in this movie are weak and go down sour. Given lines that are re-hashed and cliche, I felt embarrased for most of them as they trudged through this disaster. Debby Harry? What the heck is Blondie doing in a flick like this? So very strange.

Like I said, only Potente offers something even remotely watchable here. Her performance is at the very least an honest charecter study and done with some sort of bravado. The fact that she took this role in the first place doesnt sit well with me though. I guess everyone makes bad decisions...

All I Want by Jefferey Porter. 2 out of 10. Seriously. Stay far away!


Время: 89 мин
Дисков: 1 шт
Video format: DivX 4
Audio format: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 640x368
Размер: 687 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/try seventeen.jpg

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