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 Once Upon a Time in Mexico / Однажды в Мексике

Режиссер: Robert Rodriguez

Страна: Mexico

Жанр: Crime

Год выпуска: 2003

Актеры: Antonio Banderas (as El Mariachi), Salma Hayek (as Carolina), Johnny Depp (as Sands), Mickey Rourke (as Billy), Eva Mendes (as Ajedrez), Danny Trejo (as Cucuy), Enrique Iglesias (as Lorenzo), Marco Leonardi (as Fideo), Cheech Marin (as Belini), Rubйn Blades (as Jorge FBI), Willem Dafoe (as Barillo), Gerardo Vigil (as Marquez), Pedro Armendбriz Jr. (as El Presidente (as Pedro Armendariz)), Julio Oscar Mechoso (as Advisor), Tito Larriva (as Cab Driver)

Суть фильма все та же - человек с гитарой (Бандерас), которому жизненно необходимо убить как можно больше "плохих парней", чтобы выжить самому и вырвать из волосатых преступных рук прекрасную мулатку. По уточнению Entertainment Weekly, на сей раз Музыканта хотят заставить воевать против генерала Маркеса, а Джонни Депп сыграет агента ЦРУ Сэндса, который и закручивает всю эту интригу. В этом деле принимает участие и могущественный наркобарон Барильо (Дефо), который думает, что Сэндс работает на него, хотя на самом деле ушлый ЦРУшник играет только на себя.

El Mariachi has long quit the gunslinger trade but is offered a chance to avenge the death of his wife and daughter by slightly unhinged CIA agent Sands. Sands is trying to control a coup by allowing it to happy but then having the victor killed as soon as he takes power. However the involvement of drug lord Barillo and various other groups soon complicate matters causing bullets to come from all sides.

After taking an unlikely trilogy to box office success, Rodriguez returns to the film series that basically brought him the success he has today – El Mariachi. While the first film in the series was a very cheap movie, the second and the third swelled with budget and star names. Here the action is constant and is very stylised. This is not to say that it is all edge of the seat stuff, but if spectacle and bangs is all you are after then this should do the job nicely. None of it moves slowly simply because it has more than enough going on to fill the time – but that's the problem to be honest.

The plot has so much going on but none of it actually fits together or makes a whole lot of sense. After a while any attempt to put things together in my head became a wasted effort – clearly the point here was that the style and gloss was meant to be everything. The other downside to this is that some characters are so poorly used that it's a wonder as to why they were even written in. Some cameos are fantastic and make the film. I refer to, of course, Depp, who, for the second time this summer, manages to make a film better by his sheer witty performance. He owes a lot to the writing of the character but he carries him off superbly and is darkly funny. However Rouke, Blades, Mendes, Dafoe all have little to do and, with some of them, are just clutter. Banderas does his usual stuff with style but his character doesn't have the depth that the flashbacks I think are meant to give him – again this is style over substance.

I still quite enjoyed the film but couldn't help but feel it was less the sum of it's parts. With a budget, big names and lots of action I was surprised that the cluttered, shambolic plot managed to take away from the `fun' as much as it did – but it did. Quite enjoyable but you need a LOT of style to win compensate for the total lack of substance.

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Разрешение: 544x304
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Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский
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