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 Willard / Уиллард

Режиссер: Glen Morgan

Страна: USA

Жанр: Comedy

Год выпуска: 2003

Актеры: Crispin Glover (as Willard), R. Lee Ermey (as Mr. Martin), Laura Harring (as Cathryn (as Laura Elena Harring)), Jackie Burroughs (as Mrs. Stiles), Kim McKamy (as Ms. Leach (as Kimberly Patton)), William S. Taylor (as Mr. Garter), Edward Horn (as Colquitt), Gus Lynch (as George Foxx), Laara Sadiq (as Janice Mantis), David Parker (as Detective Boxer), Ty Olsson (as Officer Salmon)

Застенчивый молодой человек по имени Уиллард является объектом насмешек со стороны его коллег по работе. Он совершенно не приспособлен к жизни и не умеет налаживать взаимоотношения. Его единственными настоящими друзьями являются две крысы, Бен и Сократ, которые постоянно путешествуют с ним, и, пожалуй, новая симпатичная сотрудница офиса. Личные и производственные неприятности приводят Уилларда на грань нервного срыва, а преднамеренное убийство Сократа, совершенное сотрудниками прямо на его рабочем месте превращает его жизнь в сплошную жажду мести. Уиллард внезапно обнаруживает, что при помощи оставшегося в живых Бена он может управлять легионами его злобных и прожорливых собратьев. По городу прокатывается волна странных и ужасных убийств

Well, at least I made it -- after nearly a decade of missing that unique American place, the classic drive-in theater, I made it back. And for what movie -- this movie that is basically a peice of cr**. Well, that's the reason I thought it would be a fun movie to see with my buddy and burn a few and drink a few and just laugh. Well, I laughed and I thought it was a pretty fun movie, but my friend was totally bored and I did notice that a lot of people were just driving to the other screens because they were probably bored too. And, the movie started at 7:00, so please don't think they were just leaving.

Well, anyway, Crispin Glover is one of my favorite character actors, I love him in "Rubin and Ed", but he was way over the top here. A little restraint would have been way more effective. I mean, you already have Lee Ermey chewing up the scenery and spitting it out again, so maybe he just thought he had to match up or something, but he should have been able to low-key it a bit. Maybe I'm missing something, because I did think that at times he was really funny, and at other times he was totally sincere and also effective at that, but all in all I think his performance was not weighted properly to sustain for the entire film's length.

The effects seem cool, and there is a really amusing scene where Michael Jackson's first solo hit, "Ben" (from the sequel to the original film's soundtrack, I understand because Casey Kasem said it was so) is played over the rats having a meal on Frisky.

Too many threads are left untied at the film's close (such as -- why didn't that chick ever ask Willard how her cat was? did I miss it?), but all in all I would recommend this movie to people that like movies about animals killing people. Come on, there's too many of these movies out there for it to be just me and all the other Fangoria geeks, I know a lot of people out there must love these movies!

But they didn't sit down for 2003's "Willard".

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Разрешение: 640x272
Размер: 609 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/willard.jpg

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