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 Tengoku to jigoku / Heaven and Hell / High and Low / The Ransom / Рай и ад

Режиссер: Akira Kurosawa

Продюсер: Eijirф Hisaita , Evan Hunter (novel)

Страна: Japan

Жанр: Thriller

Год выпуска: 1963

Актеры: Toshirф Mifune (as Kingo Gondo), Tatsuya Nakadai (as Chief Detective Tokura), Kyфko Kagawa (as Reiko Gondo), Tatsuya Mihashi (as Kawanishi, Gondo's secretary), Isao Kimura (as Detective Arai), Kenjiro Ishiyama (as Chief Detective 'Bos'n' Taguchi), Takeshi Katф (as Detective Nakao), Takashi Shimura (as Chief of Investigation Section), Jun Tazaki (as Kamiya, National Shoes Publicity Director), Nobuo Nakamura (as Ishimaru, National Shoes Design Department Director), Yыnosuke Itф (as Baba, National Shoes executive), Tsutomu Yamazaki (as Ginjirф Takeuchi, medical intern), Minoru Chiaki (as First reporter), Hiroshi Unayama (as Detective Shimada), Eijirф Tono (as Factory worker)

Когда Гондо (Тосиро Мифунэ — «Принцесса с Луны», «Бумажный тигр») уже был готов совершить важнейшую сделку, он узнал, что бандиты похитили его сына и требуют огромный выкуп. Выбор между деловым успехом и жизнью сына осложняется, когда выясняется, что в руки преступников попал вовсе не его сын...

While I've seen HIGH AND LOW referred to as a "film noir," a "detective drama," a "riveting game of cat-and-mouse," and so on into infinity, I think those terms tend to underestimate some very great films (such as this and Kubrick's THE KILLING) and attempts to place them within boundaries over which the expanse of a few powerful films such as these spill.

Indeed HIGH AND LOW is a story involving some familiar techniques from film noir; the detective story; and the hunter-and-hunted storyline, but it surpasses so many films that might be included in a list of fine films noires. It, in true Kurosawa style (one which Stanley Kubrick matched blow-for-blow, seeming to complement one another in their stunning gifts to the cinema), stands as a fable showing the differences and tensions which the coexistance of different classes creates.

Gondo, the rich on high, receives torment from those who live below him, being literally perched upon a hill, overlooking the city in a feudalistic way, in which the king's palace gazes down upon the serfs below. As the kidnapper says, "it's hot as hell down here. But you wouldn't know that, you have air conditioning." Thus we see the parallels pile upon each other: it is about class warfare but also shows the differences between heaven and hell; and Gondo makes both a descent and ascent simultaneously.

The plot is simple, but the truth is complicated, and I won't go into it here, but take my word as it stands: this is an amazing piece of film. See it now or regret it! Every Kurosawa film is sublime.

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