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 Beauty And The Beast 3: Belle's Magical World / Красавица и чудовище 3: Волшебный мир Бель

Режиссер: Cullen Blaine, Daniel De La Vega

Страна: USA

Жанр: Animation

Год выпуска: 1997

Актеры: Jeff Bennett (as (voice)), Robby Benson (as Beast (voice)), Jim Cummings (as (voice)), Gregory Grudt (as Chip (voice)), Paige O'Hara (as Belle (voice)), David Ogden Stiers (as Cogsworth (voice)), Jerry Orbach (as Lumiere (voice)), Rob Paulsen (as (voice)), Kimmy Robertson (as Fifi (voice)), Anne Rogers (as Mrs. Potts (voice)), Frank Welker (as Sultan (voice)), April Winchell (as (voice)), Jo Anne Worley (as Wardrobe (voice) (as Joanne Worley))

Это продолжение знаменитого диснеевского мультфильма "Красавица и чудовище". Мультфильм состоит из трех историй, происходящих в замке чудовища: "Идеальный мир", "Глупость Фифи" и "Сломанное крыло". Они поведают Вам об отношениях Бель и Чудовища, а также о приключениях многим полюбившихся персонажей

I didn't feel as if I'd been raped like I did with THE ENCHANTED CHRISTMAS,but BELLE'S MAGICAL WORLD is still the antithesis of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Like CHRISTMAS,BMW hates its audience,although not to such an extreme degree. It's ugly,uncanonical,idiotic,and the writing is horrifically bad.None of the stories work. These are not the characters we loved from BATB at all,they're a bunch of pod people. I wanted to dissect it,but after a few minutes,I gave up,because no one in their right mind would take this claptrap seriously. What we have here are three stories. "The Perfect Word" is an overbearing,ponderous study of forgiveness. "Fifi's Folly" only works if you can accept that Babette's name is actually Fifi and that she's a closet James Bond villainess and that Lumiere is an idiot concerning women. "Broken Wing" (or "Broken Wind" as I like to call it) is probably the most heinous of the bunch. Beast hates birds? Since WHEN? Don't watch this crap- every copy of this video deserves to be cremated. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is still a cinematic classic,a transcendent celebration of love,art, intelligence and the human soul.

Время: 89 мин
Дисков: 2 шт
Video format: DivX 5
Audio format: AC3/AC3
Разрешение: 512x368
Размер: 694+694 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский,English
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/beauty and the beast 3 belle's magical world.jpg

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