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 P.S. Your Cat Is Dead / Р.S. Ваш Кот Мертв

Режиссер: Steve Guttenberg

Страна: USA

Жанр: Comedy

Год выпуска: 2002

Актеры: Steve Guttenberg (as Jimmy Zoole), Lombardo Boyar (as Eddie Tesoro), Cynthia Watros (as Kate), Shirley Knight (as Aunt Claire), Tom Wright (as Fred), A.J. Benza (as Carmine), Paul Dillon (as Pidgeon), Kenneth Moskow (as Stewart), Fred Medrano (as Stanley), Ann Guttenberg (as Lady at Party), Stanley Guttenberg (as Man on bus), Kim Marriner (as TV Announcer), Patsy Fitzgerald (as First Veterinarian), Chris Vogler (as Second Veterinarian (as Christopher Vogler)), Lisa Popeil (as 911 Operator (voice))

Сценарист Джимми Зул (Стив Гуттенберг) потерял все, что имел прямо накануне Рождества: его подружка (Цинтия Уотрос) встречается с другим, его шоу было закрыто на следующий день после премьеры, его лучший друг умер несколько месяцев назад, его квартиру ограбили дважды, и в довершении всего умер любимый кот. Но, оказывается, что это были только цветочки, и настоящие неприятности у Джимми только начинаются! Вышеупомянутый грабитель возвратился, и Джимми поймал его и взял в заложники может быть для обвинений, или эмоциональной разрядки, а может быть, Джимми просто не с кем было встретить Новый Год!

I never walk out on a film (well, hardly ever). But this one prompted me to do so often..and finally I left.

The original play, I had seen in San Francisco many years ago and I remembering laughing and thoroughly enjoying the performances. However, it was so long ago, I can't remember who the actors were.

Guttenberg's first problem is looking depressed. He can't do it without looking like someone trying to imitate a monkey's mouth. His forced emotion is both false and nearly laughable.

His rages of anger, however are totally believable and near demonic. If he is ever cast in a role as a demented killer, he'll do well. But as a depressed performer whose girlfriend has left him and whose apartment is burglarized and who's cat is dead.....sorry.

He also directed the film. If the performances of the other actors or the camera work is a reflection of his work as a Director, then I was impressed.

But it MUST be difficult for an actor to direct themselves. In this business where nobody dares say anything to a "STAR". That's a shame because he needed input regarding his acting.

OK, I acknowledge that by leaving the film about 3/4 of the way through I am subject to "but it got better" - "the ending was great" - "you missed the best part" type of comments.

I don't care. The rule of thumb for any form of communications is "get them in the first paragraph/ten minutes and you can keep them".

As for Guttenberg's adaptation of the original material (he cowrote the screenplay), it was a nice expansion of the original play which only had two actors and one set (I believe). The film added both cast and locations. One actor I began to like was the woman who plays his rich Aunt. I can't find her name among the credits on www.imdb.com however.

It's only because I liked the original play, that I stayed that long. And I'm glad because AJ Benza plays a nelly queen according to the credits. And I can't stand AJ Benza let alone ANYONE playing a stereotype nelly queen in features.

Cudos ? to Steve Guttenberg for getting this play filmed however. It's a success just by existing I guess. And it does make one look at him without thinking of Police Academy films.

But ........ don't bother!

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Разрешение: 640x352
Размер: 676 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/p.s. your cat is dead.jpg

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