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 Monsoon Wedding (Le Mariage des moussons) / Свадьба в сезон дождей

Режиссер: Mira Nair

Страна: India

Жанр: Comedy

Год выпуска: 2001

Актеры: Naseeruddin Shah (as Lalit Verma), Lillete Dubey (as Pimmi Verma), Shefali Shetty (as Ria Verma), Vijay Raaz (as P.K.Dubey), Tilotama Shome (as Alice), Vasundhara Das (as Aditi Verma), Parvin Dabas (as Hemant Rai), Kulbhushan Kharbanda (as C.L.Chadha), Kamini Khanna (as Shashi Chadha), Rajat Kapoor (as Tej Puri), Neha Dubey (as Ayesha Verma), Kemaya Kidwai (as Aliya Verma), Ishaan Nair (as Varun Verma), Randeep Hooda (as Rahul Chadha), Roshan Seth (as Mohan Rai)

В удивительной и прекрасной Индии, где соседствуют прогресс и древние традиции, свадьба - самое роскошное семейное торжество. Но что делать, если в него вносят коррективы вольные нравы некоторых членов семейства? Вот и в этот раз потребуются немалые усилия, чтобы уберечь от скандала очаровательную невесту, закрутившую роман с женатым красавцем, приструнить распоясавшегося дядюшку и привести в чувство внезапно влюбившегося организатора свадьбы! Но можно не сомневаться - даже проливные дожди и неслыханные скандалы не помешают соединить священными узами два страстных сердца, если в воздухе витает любовь!

Новая романтическая комедия знаменитой Миры Наир ("Кама Сутра: История любви", "Салям, Бомбей!"), удостоенная в 2001 году премии "Золотой лев" на Венецианском фестивале, проникнута нежной атмосферой счастья и любви, хорошо знакомой всем ценителям первоклассного кино. Главные роли в этом веселом и остроумном фильме в стиле суперхита "Свадебный переполох" сыграли: звезды кино Насируддин Шах ("Парни из Бомбея"), Лиллит Дьюбей ("Мятеж: История любви") и очаровательная звезда эстрады Васундхара Дас.

Movies about weddings certainly have recurring themes; tensions among and between the bride and groom's families, the odd family skeleton popping out, trouble with the caterers, and various romantic sub-plots, but of course the main dramatic tension is always will they/ won't they make it to the altar (or its local equivalent). Weddings as depicted on screen are usually bright, noisy chaotic affairs - `My Best Friend's Wedding,' `Four Weddings and a Funeral,' `Muriel's Wedding' for example - and this movie is no exception. Two young Punjabis from affluent family backgrounds (though her dad is hurting a bit) are proceeeding to an arranged marriage despite the fact that he is resident in the US and apparently thoroughly westernised. They have at least met, and like each other, but she is carrying on an affair with a local (Delhi) TV host. The family have gathered from all over the world to celebrate, and determined to celebrate they are, despite the monsoon weather. Actually, no-one minds getting wet, for it seems a wet bride is a happy one.

Watching the movie with a partly Indian audience gave a different perspective to it all – there was great hilarity when one character says `now speak English; it shows you are a refined person', and when the event organiser Dubey ( a gem of a performance from Vijay Raaz), his suggestion of white for the marquee rebuffed by the bride's father, tells his men, `OK, put up the old colours' (which turn out to be brilliant orange and red). As an outsider, one can only guess at some of the nuances, but there is enough in common here for at least affluent westerners to relate to (the poor are not able to worry about the colour of the marquee). Strangely enough the most affecting relationship was that struck up between the bride's family's servant, the beautiful Alice, and the surprisingly shy Dubey, who despite organising 150 weddings, has yet to get married himself. Here love blooms despite all the social constraints.

The noise, number of characters and Mira Nair's Altman-style direction make this is a somewhat confusing movie to watch, and even at the end I hadn't worked out exactly who was related to who. However you do get the general idea. A family able to benefit from globalisation is maintaining its individual culture as best it can. And an arranged marriage is not necessarily an anachronism – why should a dating agency be able to do any better than the traditional family procedures? The so-called `love match' is often a result of friends conspiring to bring a couple together, and the sort of arrangement depicted here is clearly one between volunteers.

The music, singing and dancing is well integrated into the story and although there's a lot of noise, it's generally easy to listen and watch for the 115 minutes it takes Mira Nair to paint her cross-cultural picture of a universal happy event.


Время: 108 мин
Дисков: 2 шт
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Разрешение: 640x336
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Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский
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