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 Vozvrashcheniye / Возвращение (2003)

Режиссер: Andrei Zvyagintsev

Страна: Russia

Жанр: Drama

Год выпуска: 2003

Актеры: Vladimir Garin (as Andrey), Ivan Dobronravov (as Ivan), Konstantin Lavronenko (as Father), Natalya Vdovina (as Mother), Galina Petrova (as Grandmother)

Два брата. Ваня и Андрей. Два провинциальных парня, решающих в дворовых разборках, кто трус, кто не трус. Приход отца из небытия и возвращение в небытие. Батя хмур, требует от ошалелых малых пить вино за его возвращение и обращаться к нему «папа», и в обязательном порядке везет на рыбалку на озеро, посреди которого дремлет во влажной дымке остров его собственного детства.

С этой аскетичной историей вы будите жить первые восемьдесят минут фильма. Дальше, как писал Шекспир, - тишина. За двадцать минут до финала картина переживает жанровое перерождение, и последние эпизоды фильма определяют – ретроспективно – отношение зрителя ко всему показанному ранее и фильму в целом. Cвязь Времен выражена в картине одним рывком, единым духом.

Это не фильм для выходных. Это не фильм, который можно смотреть компанией. «Возращение» обречено на просмотр в одиночку, чтобы можно было поплакать и не стесняться. Он не несет никакой особой морали и ничего лишнего в нем нет. Одноразовый фильм. Как сама жизнь, в которую «не войдешь дважды», не начнешь заново и не перепишешь в ней ничего. И в этом великая сила искусства, мастерство автора: второй раз смотреть не пойдешь, но и забыть не сможешь.

This is a bad title for a brilliant movie. It's from Russia. It's one of the great first movies.

THE RETURN is about two brothers at the age of 13/ 15 whose father returns home after he's been away for 12 years. They meet him with suspicion and curiosity. The father seems to be trying to make up for the lost time and takes them on a road trip. Along the way he teaches them hard lessons on simple things in life - Get a stuck car out of mud, built a tent, take care of your money, respect an agreement, be on time,... These lessons are taught in a harsh way and the kids can't understand why they are treated like this. The younger boy gradually builds up a hatred against his father, whom he only knows from a photograph. After a few days they end up on a deserted island, where they camp while the father is in search of a small box.

The director describes his movie as a "mythological look on human life". It is a film about growing up, about learning lessons you don't want to learn. Everybody who has ever been a stubborn and angry child (and everybody has been from time to time) will recognize himself in the behavior of the children. And because most of us have grown up into wiser and more educated beings since, we will also understand what the father is trying to do. This understanding makes the end even more painful.

The vision of this film is so clear and truthful. It's completely free of melodrama but full of mystery. Can the kids trust this man who is supposed to be their father? What is in the box the father searches for? Where has he been all those years? Many of those questions are not answered but brought up again at the end. I only had problems with this at my first viewing. To judge this unusual movie on these terms would be wrong.

One of the two extraordinary kids died shortly after the film was finished. This is even more sad because they set new standards for child actors. You won't find one kid with as much expression in American cinema. The story takes turns that are as dark and harsh as the lake where much of the story plays. That the kids can come up with such emotion is unbelievable.

THE RETURN is full of rich images and the use of music is brilliant. Former actor Zvyagintsev emerges as a huge talent. I won't even start to compare it to another film, it's completely unique. I can image this film being nominated for a Foreign Language Academy Award. Look forward to it, it'll be on everyone's Top Ten List.

Время: 105 мин
Дисков: 2 шт
Video format: DivX 5
Audio format: AC3
Разрешение: 608x336
Размер: 699+699 Mb
Перевод: Russian
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/vozvrashcheniye.jpg

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