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 Fear of the Dark / Страх темноты

Режиссер: K.C. Bascombe

Страна: Canada

Жанр: Horror

Год выпуска: 2002

Актеры: Kevin Zegers (as Dale Billings), Jesse James (as Brian Billings), Linda Purl (as Sandy Bilings), Rachel Skarsten (as Heather Fontaine), Charles Powell (as Eric Billings), Derrick Damon Reeve

Young Ryan Billings (Jesse James) has developed an intense fear of dark places. His older brother Dale (Kevin Zegers) refuses to take his new fear seriously, believing it to be a ploy for attention. When their parents (Linda Purl and Charles Powell) leave for a party that will last well into the night, Dale agrees to stay home to look after Ryan. A vicious storm that causes the power to go out, however, convinces Ryan that the dark evil he so fears finally has arrived. When terrifying events begin to occur, even Dale begins to understand Ryan's horror.

Caught an advance screening of this movie and was very impressed. This is probably the best movie of it's kind since The Sixth Sense. Two young boys, an older brother named Dale and a younger brother named Ryan are left alone in their suburban house one rainy night.

The younger brother, Ryan, has a phobic fear of the dark that keeps him up at night and makes him afraid of any and all dark spaces inside the house. Dale is put in charge to babysit him. When there's a blackout during a rainy storm, Ryan begins to freak out. Dale swears to his bro that 'there's nothing in the dark, that's not there in the light' but Ryan doesn't believe him.

Over the course of the night, Ryan begins to see and experience strange things. The TV goes on and off -- flashing images from a horror movie. Strange sounds from upstairs and downstairs. The furniture gets re-arranged. And Ryan sees these strange images of a malevolent, grinning pale figure stalking him the (the SFX are really cool in these scenes).

Soon, the skeptical Dale sees the same things. The dark, literally, seems to be coming after them. The question arises that either Ryan's fear is contagious, or there really IS something living in the darkness.

The whole movie takes place in one night, in one house. Theres tons of suspense and some truly scary sequences. A lot of the horror is psychological but when we do see some of the visual scares, they pay off. The creatures are pretty eerie and definitely have a 'boogeyman-ish' type of vibe. What's cool is that the relationship between Dale and Ryan is really well detailed and you actually care about their characters. This harkens back to classics like 'Poltergeist' and Steven King's 'IT'. I really enjoyed this and hope this gets released wide soon. In a time where there's tons of crappy, violent, poorly-written horror movies -- a movie like this is a breath of fresh air.

Great young actors, cool direction, check it out when it comes out.

Don't watch it with the lights off.

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