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 Volga - Volga / Волга - Волга

Режиссер: Grigori Aleksandrov

Страна: Soviet Union

Жанр: Comedy

Год выпуска: 1938

Актеры: Igor Ilyinsky (as Byvalov), Lyubov Orlova (as 'Strelka' Petrova), Pavel Olenev (as The Water-Carter), Andrei Tutyshkin (as Alyosha Tutishkin), Sergei Antimonov (as The Steamboat Captain), Vladimir Volodin (as The Pilot), Mariya Mironova (as The Secretary), Vsevolod Sanayev (as The Lumberjack), Emmanuil Geller, Nikita Kondratyev (as The Waiter), Ivan Chuvelyov, Anatoli Shalayev (as The Boy Musical Prodigy (as Tolya Shalayev)), Andrei Dolinin (as The Militia Man (as A. Dolinin))

Начальник управления мелкой кустарной промышленности Бывалов (Ильинский великолепен в этой роли) очень хочет служить в Москве. Он получает распоряжение подготовить участников художественной самодеятельности ко всесоюзному смотру. Бюрократ Бывалов считает, что достойных людей для отправки в Москву у него нет, несмотря на то, что в городе есть два творческих коллектива. Хор народной песни во главе с почтальоном Дуней Петровой, прозванной Стрелкой, и симфонический оркестр, руководимый Алешей Трубышкиным, призжают все-таки в столицу. Жюри смотра вручает первую премию Дуне Петровой за сочиненную ею песню о Волге... Очень смешная и сейчас музыкальная комедия с замечательными песнями на слова В. Лебедева-Кумача и множеством танцев. Потрясающая игра всех актеров. (Иванов М.)

One can well understand why this nonsensical film was alleged to have been Stalin's favourite. The working-class people in it are depicted as simple-minded yokels; up from the country and gob-smacked at the wondrous technology and luxury of the Big City. (The scene where, like naughty school children they explore a cabin on a luxury liner, complete with white telephone, beggars belief, and I'm surprised that Soviet people didn't pelt the screen whenever it was shown, but no doubt that would have landed them in a gulag). Based around a song writing competition held in Moscow, we see a group of factory workers on leave in order to take part. One of their number has composed a song and hopes to enter it. After various capers around the city, a gust of wind carries off his precious song, and so, dejected and forlorn, our gang turn up to watch the contest, crest-fallen that they are no longer participants. But hey, what's this? The winning song is announced, but nobody knows who wrote it because it was found in the street, and... yes, you can guess the rest. As if this stomach-churning kitsch were not enough, (although it was nice to see them win after traipsing around Moscow all day like slavish imbeciles going ga-ga at every new innovation they stumble across, although none of them thought to ask why they haven't got all these luxurious life enhancements in their neck of the woods), there is a tagged on reprise to what you think is the film's finale when the ensemble cast all come back on screen again in a chorus line, and remind us that it's great to have a laugh and a joke, but tomorrow we will all have to be back at our jobs, toiling away to help build the New Jerusalem!! The sheer condescension of this movie's whole premise makes a mockery of working people, and shows perhaps more than many others, (albeit on a subconscious level), how well and truly betrayed the revolution was, and how well and truly shafted Soviet working-class people were to think that they were going to be allowed to inherit their own earth. How strange that this rubbish should have emanated from a country that allegedly put the interests of working people first, and a powerful film that did do just that, 'Salt of the Earth', should have emanated from the bastion of Capitalism. Makes you think.

Время: 97 мин
Дисков: 2 шт
Video format: DivX 4
Audio format: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 464x344
Размер: 412+335 Mb
Перевод: Russian
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/volga - volga.jpg

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