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 House of Sand and Fog / Дом из песка и тумана

Режиссер: Vadim Perelman

Страна: USA

Жанр: Drama

Год выпуска: 2003

Актеры: Jennifer Connelly (as Kathy), Ben Kingsley (as Behrani), Ron Eldard (as Lester), Frances Fisher (as Connie Walsh), Kim Dickens (as Carol Burdon), Shohreh Aghdashloo (as Nadi), Jonathan Ahdout (as Esmail), Navi Rawat (as Soraya), Carlos Gуmez (as Lt. Alvarez), Kia Jam (as Ali), Jaleh Modjallal (as Yasmin), Samira Damavandi (as Little Soraya), Matthew Simonian (as Little Esmail), Namrata Cooper (as Wedding Guest (as Namrata S. Gurjal-Cooper)), Al Faris (as Wedding Guest)

Как снег на голову сваливается на Кэти (Дженнифер Коннелли — «Халк», «Игры разума») страшная новость — дом, в котором она выросла, выставлен на аукцион за долги. Его новым владельцем становится Масуд Амир Берани (Бен Кингсли — «Сексуальная тварь», «Правила боя»), иранский эмигрант, наконец-то получивший возможность обзавестись в этой стране собственным домом. А Кэти, считая себя обманутой, собирается бороться за свои права...

I was so thankful that this film didn't dwindle into typical Hollywood contrivances and stayed faithful to its ambiguity and even though it strays into excess the acting is some of the strongest in years. Story is about Kathy Nicolo (Jennifer Connelly) who's husband has left her 8 months ago and she remains in her house sleeping most of the time and wallowing in her own depression. She has ignored her mail and not paid a 500 dollar tax on the home that her father left her. Suddenly the county evicts her and puts the house up for auction. During her eviction she meets Deputy Field Officer Lester Burdon (Ron Eldard) who is sympathetic to her situation and helps her pack her things. An Iranian immigrant named Massoud Amir Behrani (Ben Kingsley) who works two jobs to support his family reads in the paper that a house is being put up for auction and he decides to buy it. Behrani is a former Colonel from the Shah's Air Force and he was considered a very important person in his home country but after fleeing Iran he is now a man that has to take on low paying jobs. He takes all of his savings to buy the house so that he can renovate it and sell it for a profit. Behrani and his wife Nadi (Shohreh Aghdashloo) and their teenage son Esmail (Jonathan Ahdout) move in and start to fix up their home but in the meantime Kathy has consulted a lawyer (Francis Fisher) who is trying to get her home back.


Kathy goes to her former home and talks to Behrani and his wife but they have no intention of giving the house back. Lester starts to see Kathy romantically and he leaves his wife and two kids for her and they move into a run down shack until they find something else. Lester gets very involved in Kathy's plight and he pays Behrani a visit and tells him to move out or else but Behrani goes to Internal Affairs and files a complaint. Kathy becomes suicidal and tries to kill herself but Nadi and Behrani take her in and try to help but Lester is suspended from the force and heads to the house where a violent confrontation ends in disaster.

This film was directed by Vadim Perelman who is making his debut as a director and its a very impressive start considering that his previous experiences are from filming commercials. The story was adapted from the novel by Andre Dubus II and the story does a very commendable job of staying neutral with its characters. Kathy should have her house back but Behrani also is not to blame. The system has made a terrible blunder and forced these people into an unnecessary conflict. Hollywood would have ruined this complex story by making the characters one dimensional and thankfully the script stays true to its guns. Not that this is a perfect film, its not. The last 30 minutes of this film crosses the border into excesses and it does become heavily labored going down the stretch. There were a couple of moments late in the film where Kathy could (And should) have stepped in and prevented Lester from going overboard. But that is not to diminish the power of the two lead performances by Kingsley and Connelly. Even though I didn't think she deserved an Oscar for "A Beautiful Mind" Connelly arguably gives her best performance in this film. She is asked to do a lot here and she's up to the task and her performance should change anyone's mind if they wonder about her ability as an actress. Ben Kingsley once again demonstrates that he is one of our premier actors and his portrayal of Behrani is an unflinching look at a man who doesn't seem to have a country to go home to. One of the most honest moments in the film is when Behrani is talking to his son about Americans and even though its not exactly complimentary its a scene that rings completely true. Kingsley shows Behrani as a man devoted to his family but also as someone who holds strong to his morals. The sincerity and ethics of this character is evident thanks to Kingsley's performance. The script does go too far but you have to admire the filmmakers for sticking with the original story and not giving in to the temptation of changing it into a more predictable crowd pleaser. Strong film and two very strong performances.

Время: 123 мин
Дисков: 2 шт
Video format: DivX 5
Audio format: AC3/MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Разрешение: 608x336
Размер: 699+699 Mb
Перевод: Закадровый перевод актерский,English" Subtitles="English
Субтитры: English
Постер: http://www.movies.nnov.ru/covers/house of sand and fog.jpg

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